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  1. !!! Thank you so much, I was thinking the same thing. Well, the email is sent to I'll see where it goes. Thanks again!
  2. OH ALSO I was thinking about using the "I just learned about these programs now" excuse but I feel like that's pretty fishy considering I'll be asking her for letters to three schools (the two Feb deadlines and one rolling admissions with no strict deadline). Like oh, you REALLY just found THREE programs at the last minute? Don't think it'll fly. So any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  3. So I'm in a bit of a rut here. Had three recommenders, but tale as old as time, one of them has flaked approx 2 weeks from the deadline. I don't really have anyone else that I'm super comfortable with asking, but my other two recommenders know me/my work pretty well and will write strong letters so idc if this third letter is weak. But that being said, for the one professor I'm thinking about asking, how do I explain to her that a need a letter by Feb 7? Actually my deadlines are Feb 1 and Feb 7, but for the Feb 1 school I'm thinking about asking for an extension. Anyhow, do I let her kno
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