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  1. To anyone curious about Stanford: applicants who either will be admitted or on their waitlist have already been interviewed. Applicants who did not receive an invitation to be interviewed can count that as a rejection I'm honestly bummed about this, I communicated with a POI at Stanford in October who encouraged me to apply and offered some advice on phrasing for my project. Also got a rejection email from Michigan, even after submitting a FLAS application at their request.
  2. I have been unable to access the results page today, receiving an error message "Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from www.thegradcafe.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)" Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Also @ anyone who has had an interview: 1. is there any sense of whether schools know if they will be offering in-person classes in the fall? 2. what sort of questions were asked, beyond the usual ones? any about COVID circumstances affecting research, etc? 3. were you asked about external funding you had applied for (grants, fellowships, etc) - through the institution or otherwise?
  4. @Anny_anthy congrats on the interview with Michigan! Was it with your PoI, or admission committee members / department graduate student coordinator? Did they say anything about funding constraints, or limits to number of applicants they can admit this year due to COVID circumstances? Also somewhat comforted by the uncertainty around whether all admitted students are interviewed. Hoping for the best.
  5. @crthomps thank you, fingers crossed! How was the Chicago interview? I am hoping it is not a bad sign that I have not yet heard anything about an interview. I emailed my POI at Chicago and was told it was a policy of theirs not to establish contact with applicants but to assess their 'fit' within the department as a whole when reviewing applicants. I reached out to my POI at Stanford in November and heard back within a week, encouraging me to apply. Not sure if it's an official policy or not.
  6. Got an email from Michigan yesterday encouraging me to apply to FLAS Fellowship -- deadline is Jan 15 (tomorrow). Apparently the deadline for letters of recommendation is extended to the 29th of Jan, which is a relief. Not quite enough time to reach out to POI for advice on which language to apply for, and the main FLAS info session was last week. I included my language competencies in my application, and already have the main ones needed for my research, so I had not planned on language study in my first year. Seems to be line with @anthrobrain's comment on funding concerns. Hopef
  7. Looking through the Results page, and through conversations with friends who have applied/studies at Chicago, it seems that interviews are standard for the Anthro dept.
  8. Nerve-wracking time currently but here goes- This is my second cycle and possibly the worst year to apply (my top choice of UCB did not accept applications at all). I work on minority folk music & musicians in the Middle East and how they do or don't self-identify within nationalist narratives of the state. I applied to : Stanford for Linguistic Anthro UCLA for Ling Anthro U Chicago for Sociocultural (sub-selection Ling anthro) U Michigan for Ling Anthro and Northwestern for Sociocultural/Ling Anthro
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