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  1. No, not all, absolutely not haha. I just mean that European systems (Uk excepted) is really different. And even in Europe, each State has its own kind. A PhD in Europe in three years because you have to get an MA before the PhD, while in the US you get an MA during your PhD. Even applications are really different. There are two cases: or you apply for a PhD on a particular subject, or you choose one, the former being more frequent in Nordic countries, the latter in France, for instance. In both cases you have to present, in your application, your dissertation project which is f
  2. By the way, the applications in Europe begin in March until October, so you still got time.
  3. ? There is no Shivi in the faculty of the department of Anthropology of Yale..
  4. No... In Europe it's a lot different. First, in the PhD programs in Europe you do not get an MA, but should have one in the discipline you aks the PhD. Secondly, if it is written 3y on the papers, most of the (good) researchers do their PhD in 5 or more years. The thing is, you have to justify every year after the third one why you want to do another, and you even have to make a new application each extending year.
  5. My GF, who is in cognitive science (department of psycho or linguistic), told me that John Hopkins sent her an e-mail for interview two weeks after she saw someone received one. So it does not absolutly mean smth.
  6. No... Feeling the same... It is too much stress not knowing a specific date for the results.
  7. Yale did not suspend its application cycle, If I may. But it was due for the 15th of december. So same thing than with Princeton and Cornell.
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