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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful analysis and suggestions, this is really helpful. Guess my best shot is to apply for new programs using the new letter. I really don't want wait for another year to get into a good PhD program since I have already spent 3 years working, not to mention the incoming expiration of OPT and the visa situation ... So now my question is how important the PhD program or schools are if I want to pursue an academic career and apply for faculty positions in the future? As long as one keep publishing and obtaining grants, maybe where they graduated as a PhD students doesn't re
  2. A follow-up question: I just have another high profile professors who are willing to provide me with a STRONG recommendation letter ( to apply for new programs, which ranked poorly though). Do you think it will be worth the efforts for me to contact all of the schools, explain my situations, ask them to use the new letter instead? Most of the schools won't agree deleting the old letters. For the schools I have been rejected, I really think I can fit well. What's the probability they will reconsider if I'm going to appeal my case and provide this new letter? I know damage has already done but
  3. Context: I finished my application for the 2020-2021 Ph.D. program in population health science and epidemiology fields and currently I'm waiting for the results. I have a strong academic background with a bachelor of medicine degree, a master's degree in a top school, good grades, good GRE scores, a few published abstracts, and papers in review/submission, and a few years of working experience. After receiving more rejection letters than I expect, even from the schools that I already contacted potential advisors, I realize something went wrong: I contacted some of the professors I was in touc
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