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  1. Thank you! I'm surely overthinking, but who does not? 😅😭❤️
  2. I remember, one should tick the box when applying to ETH-D also. But I don't remember if I did so... Anybody who applied for ETH-D for sure, how does it reflect on your application page?
  3. Yeah, Biotechnology guys! Any word on ESOP interview? By the way, how is ETH-D distributed? If you're not interviewed, does it mean you're not nominated for the ESOP solely, but still have a chance on ETH-D?
  4. I am from a country within EU, however not from Swiss:)
  5. Mine too, don't get me wrong! It was just a joke. I completely share your emotions. Uncertanity strikes badly
  6. Prolly they have taken our 160 CHF and smoothly vanished... I don't know 🙃
  7. About the forum's results page. What does it mean "rejected via website"? Don't they send emails when accepted or rejected?
  8. Me! Me! Just wanted to ask, too. Have you got any news? I'm tired of googling...
  9. I think there are 60 in general, but a couple for each department
  10. Whyyyy does it work like that... From year to year billions of questions, a couple of guesses and literally no answers 😭 (I know, I know they're pretty busy, no pressure)
  11. Are somewhere interviews scheduled by department? Or how have you learned about that?
  12. Hi! I have read through all the previous years' discussions and wondered who would start it this year Btw, how have you learned about this forum, guys? Were you intensively googling ESOP just AS I did? :')
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