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  1. I saw on the website that they have a senior scholar in residence who's meant to act like a mentor, right? Did you have much to do with him? Also anything you were surprised by or didn't anticipate before starting the scholarship?
  2. It would be great to hear some more about your experience!
  3. Thanks so much for this info remediaris!!
  4. I'm not completely sure, but someone on The Student Room last year said they interviewed 4 applicants from that subject area (3 Masters and 1 DPhil). For my subject area (Music), they usually give scholarships to 1 or 2 people. They generally seem to favour Masters applicants over DPhil, if you look through the lists of current and previous scholars.
  5. Also wondering this! There's been some discussion around when interview invitations might be sent out over on thestudentroom.co.uk, if you search 'Ertegun' in the forums. In 2019 and 2020 people were called to interview around this time in February, but in other years that didn't happen until March. I haven't seen anyone post about getting an interview yet, but obviously it's possible they might have gone out...... The Ertegun website just says 'end of March' for when final acceptances will be sent out (they don't contact you if you've been rejected 🙄 ).
  6. I also applied for the Musicology MSt and for Ertegun - hi! Hope to see you in October. I don't have any more information than you re decision timelines, but from trawling through gradcafe etc it seems like it has historically varied a lot when people hear about both admissions and Ertegun/Clarendon, from the end of February to the end of March. If anyone has any insights about the Ertegun interview in particular it would be greatly appreciated - what kinds of questions they ask, how long it lasts, the general vibe etc. I'm not great in interviews and so just in case I do get one, I
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