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  1. @crthomps I didn’t, unfortunately. Just waiting on Stanford now. @anth_lola I have a few faculty contacts across a few anthro departments nationally, and they all said this year has been especially brutal. They’ve gotten hundreds of more applications because people have had more time to apply and think about applying — and there’s probably something to be said about existentialist phenomena, like pandemics, pushing people towards graduate programs. And in addition to a great volume of applications, departments’ limited funding has allowed them to take much fewer people than in normal year
  2. I’m pretty sure UChicago acceptances have gone out, and anyone who hasn’t heard back yet might be on the waitlist.
  3. What was the interview like? Was it also 15 minutes?
  4. I got interviews at Stanford and UChicago Anthro, among other places... both sociocultural.
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