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  1. Or maybe it was for those who applied in November. Basically, the sooner you apply, the better is. That's what I understood from the website.
  2. Yes, those scholarship applications are super competitive. I applied for the Security Policy one but didn't get through. I was told that if you put in your application early (before the Christmas break) that they respond with aid allotments fairly quickly and they certainly did. It came through shortly after the offer. From what I gather, the remaining waivers are likely to come through sometime this week possibly?
  3. Strange how no one seems to get a rejection from Hertie or maybe only those who get the acceptance post on here. I got my acceptance to MIA and a 35% waiver (applied November, acceptance mid-December). The tuition is still fairly high though. Anyone considered applying to IBEI Barcelona?
  4. Hey all, I've been offered a place at IBEI in Barcelona and Hertie in Berlin. Still waiting to hear back from IHEID, Geneva. I can't seem to find much on here about IBEI or maybe I'm not doing the search correctly. Anyone have any thoughts on this school? It's relatively cheaper than the others and definitely shorter (being a one year MA vs two). The others are prohibitively expensive but at least at Hertie, one can possibly fund part of their studies through part time work and the integrated professional year. I'd be grateful for any inputs at all. Thanks!
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