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  1. Congrats on CCS!! 😃 CU is my AM, so I’m suuuuuperrr anxious to hear from them, lol. I would be over the moon if I had the opportunity to go back! But if I go to SAIC I’ll have a studio, which is a huge incentive for me because I wouldn’t have that elsewhere. One of my undergrad degrees is in studio art— It seems like most applicants come from art history backgrounds, though?? Dunno. Still haven’t heard anything from Bard— It’s the not knowing either way that’s tough! 😭
  2. Yeah, I think I’m going to call/email if I don’t hear anything by mid-week. I just received a special scholarship from another program — essentially a full-ride, which is a really big deal for me at this particular time in my life — but it’s contingent on an answer sooner than I thought, so I can’t wait much longer to hear from other programs.
  3. Congratulations!! 🥳 Bard is a FANTASTIC program and the campus is *gorgeous* (much prettier than London imo lol). Sending vibes your way for much success at CCS! How were you notified? (Phone, email, etc.)
  4. From what I’ve heard, the deadlines are strategic, especially Bard/CU/SAIC. Those three programs, in particular, compete for a lot of the same applicants. Having those deadlines is designed to force applicants’ hands, either by declaring before they’ve received all their admissions decisions, or by not declaring and betting they’ll be made an offer (or better offer) from another program. Unbelievably frustrating.
  5. Any idea if all final candidates were required to interview? Or if they have in past years? Did they say you’d know precisely on March 31, or by then? This is frustrating because there are other programs that require a declaration and tuition deposit by April 1, so if MODA admissions decisions aren’t sent out until March 31... It takes time to work with financial aid departments... Fingers crossed for you! 🤞🤞🤞
  6. Has anyone noticed a change in their application status from 'Submitted' to 'Under Review' in the Columbia GSAS portal? I haven't, but I've seen some people from other CU programs talking about it... Also, CU spring break is March 1st through March 5th, so that might impact admissions stuff.
  7. No word from Bard yet, but it looks like in the past they've sent out admission decisions mid-late March. I don't know anything about CCS interviews. (Anybody out there with insight into this??) I'm wondering if COVID is affecting the admissions process for these programs. For example, I thought SAIC almost always conducts interviews, but I haven't heard of anyone being interviewed for the non-MFA programs this year...
  8. I haven't heard anything about MODA interviews. Regarding admission decisions, I don't think anyone will hear anything until emails are sent March 15th. I could be wrong, but historically CU has stuck pretty hard to that March 15th -17th notification date for the MA program. Also, I don't think art history PhD admission stuff is a good gauge for the MA program timeline, but again, I could be wrong. Has anyone else heard from MODA?? (And good luck to you, too! 😀 🤞 )
  9. Yesssss!! Congrats!!! 😃 DHL was a dead giveaway, but I know waiting to be 110% sure is nerve-wrecking lol. Have you heard from anywhere else yet?? Interviews? Decisions?
  10. I received the “big envelope” a few hours ago; accepted for Fall 2021. Did not contain any info on financial aid, so I’m hoping that’s to follow. I’m SUPER excited, but for me, sooooo much depends on financial aid. I’m sure you’ll receive your admission decision very soon. Good luck and let me know the outcome (if you’re comfortable doing so). Maybe we’ll be meeting in person! Fingers crossed for you on all the programs you applied to!!!
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