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  1. So I applied to the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Washington State and the deadline was on December 1st. I haven't heard anything from them and I have seen on the results page that people have already gotten their rejection/acceptance letters. Do I just assume I didn't get in? Should I reach out to the department?
  2. Hi, Is it normal for a professor at a prospective college to reach out about meeting before I have gotten an acceptance letter from that school? Should I get my hopes up that I got accepted?
  3. Hi, I also got an admission email to this program. I was surprised there was no interview process, maybe they changed it with COVID? I was told to reach out to possible mentors and get an idea of the research they are doing. I have reached out to about six faculty members and three of them were accepting Master students and I will be meeting with them within the week. Just send an email to every faculty that has the same research interests as you!
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