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  1. I and my roommate have decided to leave Purdue this summer. Because of this, we would like to transfer the next year's lease for our 2-bedroom apartment to anyone interested. The apartment is walking distance from campus. (10 to 15 minutes from most of the important places on campus. 5-10 minutes from the Chauncey Hill shopping/dining area). There are two parking spaces for cars. The area is safe and the apartment complex residents are reasonably quite people. We don't have noisy parties going on, etc. There is quiet hour time and a large punitive fee charge for anyone who creates too much
  2. I would pick the San Francisco Bay Area schools (Berkeley or Stanford) for great culture, diversity, food, weather, great entertainment opportunities in places like San Francisco as well as all over the rest of the bay, and numerous terrific weekend destinations (Lake Tahoe area, the wine country, something like five national parks within reach, incl. Yosemite, Monterey, Big Sur, great hiking, great skiing, etc). There is really no other place like this. But alas, the bar for getting into Berkeley and Stanford is really high. Second choices? Probably LA, NYC, Boston, Chicago, or Seattle pe
  3. apropos

    Palo Alto, CA

    Your after tax pay will be around $2,000 per month.
  4. Most grad students do not live in Lafayette downtown, but it's an option. West Lafayette is effectively smoke free (except for the hookah bars) and the bar scene is indeed terrible, very undergrad oriented, except perhaps for 9 Irish brothers. However, Lafayette allows indoor smoking in the bars and so naturally they all allow smoking indoors. My understanding is that there is a big push right now at the state level to ban indoor smoke in all public places, so this might stop being an issue eventually.
  5. apropos

    Davis, CA

    I don't know if there is anything good right in Davis, but its location is one of the best for an outdoors activist with a car. It's right by the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Lake Tahoe is 2-2.5 hour drive away, which means that you can enjoy world class skiing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities on weekends. This is generally lots of good outdoor stuff in California. A little further north (maybe 4-5 hour drive) is Redding which is by the lake and Mount Shasta, and the Redwoods national park, which are also worth exploring. Berkeley and San Francisco are 1 hour dr
  6. apropos

    Berkeley, CA

    $20,000 stipend for the school year, $4,000 for the summer. is that really enough to live off of in Berkeley? ----------------------------------- Here is a little rule of thumb. If your yearly income around $26,000, then your after tax income will be about $1700 per month in California. At least, that was my experience a couple of years ago. As others pointed out, you probably will spend at least $700-800 on your living space and utilities. You money will be tight, but I think you can make it just fine. There are many options regarding housing. North, South, and West side of campus
  7. There is plenty of housing within walking distance from campus. The West Lafayette blocks adjacent to the east side of campus are very compact and urban. You want to live there if you want to just walk to campus. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in that area, specially near the Chauncey Hill area. You don't need a car to get around there. The only possible issue is finding house or apartment with the least number of noisy, constantly partying undergrads. The grocery stores are probably a couple of miles from campus. The bus system is very good here and you can get to any part of We
  8. As someone who foolishly waited until December to find an apartment, I can say that most if not all of the good deals offered by the big apartment rental companies are probably gone by the end of January (which I define as nice, clean, 2-bedroom, short walk from campus, $800 or less). However, you might find someone who sign up for a lease and is now looking for a roommate to share the cost. Ask the graduate program staff in your department about people who look for roommates. The best time to look for an apartment is early November or so. The 1-bedroom apartments sell out less quickly but the
  9. Berkeley is almost perfectly livable without a car, but it gets awesome with a bicycle. Also, San Francisco, a city of 1million people, is a 20 minute bus/train ride away from Berkeley, can be crossed on feet in about one hour, and has a fine public transport system.
  10. I would advise anyone who is considering Purdue, specially for PhD, to visit the town first just to make sure you like it here. (unfortunately, the current weather does not do justice to the aesthetics of campus. it is really nice architecturally in my opinion). I am a beer and food kind of person, and since someone asks about this, I'll post my 2cents. The food scene is decent, including various kinds of ethnic food. But first, let's get one thing straight. This is not the West Coast, so don't expect top L.A.-grade avocado sandwiches, kabobs, sushi, or Korean BBQ here, but we have a little
  11. Thanks. What about the life in West Lafayette area in general? Does it feel very isolated? What are the recommended housing options for a single graduate student (attending a business school PhD program tentatively)? I could bring a car, just in case there are better options within driving distance.
  12. I just received the details about Purdue's graduate assistantship offer. They offer $16800 per year, minus tax, minus $2033 in various university fees. Let's assume that I am in the 15% federal tax bracket (can someone confirm the validity?). I don't even know what Indiana's state income tax is. Then I will end up getting about $1020 per month. The cheapest on-campus graduate student housing option is about $445 per month (this includes electricity, local-area phone, etc). Let's assume that I will spend $15 per day on average on meals, coffee, and groceries. Then, I will be left with about $12
  13. I wonder about the costs of living and quality of life in West Lafayette. I am single and considering to enroll in a doctoral program at Purdue. Can someone post a quick comment regarding whether it's better to live or to eat on or off-campus? I will appreciate any other comments about this city. Thank you.
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