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  1. Apparently this week for those who had their interviews.
  2. Hi there! I think it would make much more sense to contact the Ertegun administration itself (as has been done in at least one previous application cycle) and ask them about the timeline of nominations, that is, the deadline by which all departments must nominate and interview their candidates. I haven't mustered the courage to do it yet but I know from TSR that such an enquiry has been successfully made (and answered) in the past!
  3. Hey there, congratulations on your offer! 😌 I'm pretty sure interview invites have been sent on different days in previous application cycles. I think it's the department that sends them so it depends on your programme. Hopefully we'll all hear back from them soon!
  4. Hi, thank you so much for this! Is it true that departments nominate their candidates for Clarendon and Ertegun, as in one shortlist for both scholarships? Does the interview include questions on the proposal, etc. or is it mostly about potential contributions to the Ertegun community? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey! Have you heard back from them?
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