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  1. Has anyone from electrical been interviewed for ESOP scholarship?
  2. Congratulations Btw anyone from Electrical or any other branch has any word from the faculty/ETH on ESOP?
  3. I think it varies from department to department. Like all ITET guys have got a generic mail and their portal is updated. Similarly for your department, I think you are getting an official mail first and changes in the portal will reflect later. I don't think you should be wary about it. Congratulations
  4. I applied on 8th December. I do not think you should be anxious. They are not sending results based on who applied first. Many have still not had any form of communication. So don't worry and stay positive.
  5. Nope..No interviews and no communication regarding ESOP. Did anyone else who applied in ITET get an interview or have any update for ESOP?
  6. Hi All Just got the acceptance for MSc in ITET. No word on ESO though. My status shows that "ESOP Requested". Anyone else has any info?
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