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  1. Haha thanks for the inevitably crushing hope 😂
  2. Could be interesting to know actually: what's the latest in the day (swiss time) anyones got a decision email?
  3. Been waiting nervously since the 18th. Yeah watching another weekend come and go will be grim XD
  4. Nope. Just got the generic email when I asked about decision dates saying "sometime in the next 2 weeks, at least before the end of the month" but I think that's just a generic reply tbh. What time to the emails normally come you know? seems to be a range of times but im not sure. so maybe well here later on Friday...
  5. Emailed the studiensekretariat asking when I'm likely to hear the MSc Physics decisions. Not sure if they just didn't have a clue or not but I got this response: "We hope that the results will be informed within the next 2 weeks, at latest end of march. For more information please check our website: https://ethz.ch/en/studies/master/application/dates.html" Really hope it's not 2 weeks lmao. Maybe this was just the wrong place to email though?
  6. Nope. Seems to be later than normal. If anything like my current/last universities maths and physics departments, the outcomes wont come on a Monday. They need at least one or 2 days worth of post-weekend final deliberation committees 😂
  7. Anyone know if decisions can be handed out on the weekend? I've heard some people say they got them then, but I'm wondering if it was a timezone issue - maybe it wasn't the weekend in Zurich.
  8. That's part run by physics department right, and I don't think anyones heard about the MSc Physics either. They seem to be running bit behind compared to normal.
  9. Looking at previous years and seeing some of the Physics decisions didn't arrive till March is unfortunate 🤣
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