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  1. Oh really?? Hope so.. Fletcher seems like the most fun of all the options, more of a community vibe - just really hoping for $$
  2. Hopefully we hear back soon 😉 I didn't end up applying to SAIS since their program was more finance focused than I would've liked, but did apply to fletcher & LSE
  3. Thanks a lot! I haven't received the official admission yet so not sure about aid... I have some other programs I'm more keen on at the moment anyway, so let's see 🙃 Yes I applied before the priority deadline!
  4. MIEP is the Masters in International Economic Policy at Elliott
  5. I think Elliott is going out this week, I got a call last night from the MIEP program letting me know I'm in. SFS is the last week of Feb or first week of March per historical trends
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