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  1. Hello me too, we should hear back by early May. What's your profile like?
  2. Does anyone know how this works? Do they send out rounds of offers? Or is it acceptances on one day and rejections after
  3. Hey just heard from a friend that got in to the program. They got an email yesterday
  4. Nope, oh no. Have you heard from anybody that got an offer?
  5. Nope haven't heard back yet. When did you hear back last time?
  6. Oh, nope I know a couple of applicants and none of them have been called for an interview yet either.
  7. Hi, no I wasn't called for an interview. When did you apply and hear back for an interview?
  8. I've heard only great things about UMichigan's MI program! Goodluck!
  9. I'm a Politics major at a Liberal arts college. GPA 3.7, haven't taken the GRE Have you applied to other Graduate programs?
  10. Ohh, Goodluck! Waiting is honestly the worst part! Would you mind sharing your profile?
  11. Hello, I'm good- still waiting to hear back too! Do you know when they'll start sending out offers? Based on their information session, it was supposed to be out by early-mid March. When did you send your app in?
  12. Hello! Has anybody applied to UPenn's Master's of Behavioral Science Program for 21-22?
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