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  1. Congrats! I also have an interview for STAR- PREP that I am looking forward to. Does anyone have any tips or example questions they can share? I have been practicing the standard ones (weaknesses, strengths, etc.) but are there any others that have stood out to anyone?
  2. I am sorry that did not work out, but I am sure a great opportunity is around the corner for you! Like Hiptoast said, I am sure you're going to get into an amazing graduate program in the end!
  3. No problem! In his email he mentioned that they are just waiting for acceptance letters at this point and that they do not send rejections until they have their official cohort. In case a student declines their offer, they keep a pool open, but that only tends to be one or two students usually.
  4. Yeah, I did email and they said that they already sent out offers so if you have not heard back, then that probably means our applications were not accepted
  5. I also applied to UW too and have not heard back. I just assumed I got rejected because their application was one of the first ones due earlier in the year. I will probably email them soon just to make sure though and try to keep you posted!
  6. Hi everyone! I am so happy I found this years forum! I was still looking at the one from last year and I feel like this year might have its own unique set of challenges. I applied to UW PREP, Tufts PREP, University of Maryland/ STAR-PREP, UPenn PREP, University of Chicago, and Boston University.
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