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  1. I've been thinking about this for a while and decided I need some outside input. This is related to last post, somewhat, and I had excellent help from everyone there, so I thought maybe I could ask for some more help! I am taking a course that is not in my program, but my supervisors say that this particular course would help me out much better, and is far more related to my research, than the course that is offered through my program. I am in kinesiology (biomechanics) and this course is an engineering course (instrumentation). I never did any type of engineering, ever, and I am struggling
  2. I just started my Master's, I'm in my third week. I am in difficult classes that I don't have the proper background for, and I'm being told by my supervisor(s) to just work hard and it will pay off. I know that if I work hard enough to understand the material and do the assignments etc. I CAN do it. My problem is that I am just EXHAUSTED and there are never enough hours in the day to work that hard. My energy levels had dropped significantly since I am up at 6am and asleep by 2:00 am most night just to get the amount of work done that I need to do. Even so.. I am somehow still behind. I am tak
  3. I am also thinking of adopting a dog. However, I plan on waiting for a bit. And if I were you, I would probably wait until you are at least into your degree a bit so you know for sure that you can handle the responsibilities of a dog and your studies. Maybe even wait until your partner arrives to live with you, then you know that on those days you just can't take the dog out for x walks a day, someone is there to take care of him/her. Also, I would really look into the breed of dog you would be getting if you are living in a bachelor apartment... Medium to large dogs are often not suited to li
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new here, and thought I'd contribute to some chit chat I recently moved into my new apartment and will be starting my Master's in the fall, and realized how many textbooks I have accumulated throughout my undergrad. I have this odd attachment with books, and only sell them if I hated the course when it's done. So with novels and textbooks, I am in book overload. The majority of textbooks I have are relevant to my area of interest, obviously, and I do refer to them occasionally. A few I am willing to toss or give away, because I just don't do psych anymore How many of y
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