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  1. Sorry for my late reply! It's been a very busy couple of days... This is so true. In one of my classes the professor gave everyone an A-. When I heard that those who did not take his class managed to get 4.0 GPA, I just felt it was so unfair. Thank you for being so encouraging! Yes, I am more than my application, but because of many other reasons this round of application is particularly important for me. I am hoping that my 3.8 GPA isn't going to hurt me (too much)... I do have "evidence" to substantiate my claim (but I'm not going to post the details here because the
  2. Hi everyone. I'd love to hear your views on this: During my MA studies, I took a class purely out of interest. Because I was not as familiar with the topic as the students studying the field, I took an approach common in my own area of studies to do the work for this class. In fact, half of the grad students in the seminar were from a different department / school, so I was not the only one. After finishing the semester, I was too preoccupied on various things, such as working on my thesis, so much that I did not check my grades until much later. And honestly, at that point I was pretty c
  3. I'm not in the same field as you do (I'm in the humanities), but I highly not recommend working part-time while attending grad school full-time. When I did my full-time MA, I constantly felt like time was not enough. Before starting my MA, I heard from some grad students that the transitioning from undergrad to grad studies was huge, and they needed some adjusting, so I was prepared. I had worked for several years in a very busy job (overtime work was the norm, sometimes I worked from 9 to 12), so going into grad school was okay for me. But it was definitely intense, and burnout was not unhear
  4. I don't think it's weird if you're planning to apply for PhD programs but not writing a thesis. I think what really matters is you handing in a good writing sample when you apply. I myself don't plan on submitting my MA thesis as the writing sample for my applications, as I will be applying to a different field from my previous studies. You might ask why I didn't write my thesis in the area I plan to pursue in my PhD. That is because when you write your thesis you typically want to work in same research areas as your advisor. Not many professors were available for advising during my studies (a
  5. Anyone has used admission consulting services? For those who did, do you think they were helpful and worth the money? After getting rejected from all of the programs I applied to in the last round - even though I applied to far fewer than the general consensus of 10 programs because many paused admissions - I just really, really want to get into at least one program in this coming application season. πŸ™
  6. Thanks again for your help! All the best in your PhD studies! 😊
  7. Thank you so much for the information! Now I think I'll take my Pfizer shot soon. Just one more question: as we don't know how long the vaccine immunity is going to last (I think there's no consensus/enough research on this yet?), do you have any specific requirement on the time you take the vaccine (e.g.: at most a year before the fall semester starts, or 6 months before the fall semester starts, etc.)? Thanks again!
  8. Hello all. For those who have been accepted by American universities and are starting their studies in this fall, have you heard from your universities about requirements for taking COVID-19 shots? Is the vaccine mandatory in your school, and do they accept COVID-19 vaccines administered by other countries? Although I can take the Pfizer-BioNTech shot in where I come from, I am just a little worried that I will be asked to take another shot when I eventually arrive. Given the reported myocarditis / pericarditis cases and other side effects, I certainly don't want to take more COVID-19 shots th
  9. Wow, that I did not know! Very often these things were never brought up in class (but I got assigned to read both of them...) Thank you again! You've been more than helpful and generous! 😊
  10. Yes, Duke is definitely one of my dream programs! Rey Chow is an expert in my area of studies (which is rather rare), even though she's a Foucauldian (and Foucault was not a fan of psychoanalysis...) And Fredric Jameson, of course. Do you mind if I ask why did you choose UChicago over Yale? Is it because of research interests? Also, do you have any advice on how to write personal statement / writing sample? Do you think the writing sample has to be in the same field as my intended dissertation project? I'm thinking if I should submit a comparative essay in the three national literatur
  11. I finished my MA in English in the U.S. last year. Maybe I could share a bit of my experience with you. 1) I only met my advisor - assuming that you were referring to your academic advisor and not thesis advisor - once in the entire year for academic advising. I think we met for like 5 minutes? (because he had 10+ students waiting for him outside) But then again he was the instructor of one of my graduate seminars, so I often took the opportunity to speak to him after class. If you were thinking about building relationships with professors, it might be a better idea to do so with your cou
  12. Thank you again for another detailed reply! This information is hugely useful for me. I'm primarily interested in psychoanalysis (and deconstruction) but the Emory's comp. lit. department does not seem to be too big on the languages I'm working on πŸ™ I don't think I'll be applying to Harvard (as the program requires proficiency in 4 languages) but how does "world literature" differ from comp. lit.? I'm so glad to hear so many of these programs are still teaching theories! ☺️
  13. Thank you very much for your detailed reply! I mean it - I've had this question for so long and it's finally answered. My plan to apply for comp. lit. programs (over English programs) is exactly because of their emphasis on philosophy / critical theories and Duke and JHU's programs sound ideal. English is in fact my second language, but I've got C2 level (8.0/9.0 on IELTS) hence am not too worried. I'll work harder on my German and hopefully get into one of these programs next year. All the best to your studies too!
  14. I came across this article earlier: https://electricliterature.com/how-applying-to-grad-school-becomes-a-display-of-trauma-for-people-of-color/?fbclid=IwAR0K_bY7nDQAxiXWoecR2-kKu7kQge-MjvtPUYfB7HVMr_rkjGXTI-1wCas and have been thinking if I should write about my struggles - not exactly mental health struggles, but the struggles of simply keep failing and keep trying - given that I am not white? Is this really going to help with my application? I've been applying for PhD programs for a few years in a row (has since done an MA), and would love to have any advice on how to get into one. Thank you
  15. I'm interested in finding out more info about this too! FWIW, I used to think that Yale might still have some connection to the deconstruction school, but after digging a bit more I found out that the deconstructionists have moved to UC Irvine. Now I don't know what they are doing anymore. I guess a possible way to find out about this is to look through the profiles of the current graduate students. You might be able to get a sense of what they are doing in each school.
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