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  1. I think you are totally right. I do realize the money difference and yes it's an offer from FAANG. That's why I struggled a lot because I know this is the type of opportunity that I really appreciate and might feel regret if letting it go. In pharma, I think it's also easy to find other similar pharma companies but the difference is that you still do the similar work. The reason to leave a pharma for another pharma is because you want to get promoted faster. If you hate the current biostatistician work, you have to leave pharma. So you are right, tech has more flexibility in trying different w
  2. I'm a 5th year phd student studying biostatistics, expecting to graduate this year. I am now facing two options for choosing a career in industry. One is a data scientist position in a tech company and the other is biostatistician at a big pharma. These two are very different options with different pros and cons. I'll share some of my personal understanding of these two options. I think people already talk enough about the pros in tech (money, large datasets, new methods, etc), so I'll talk more about why I think pharma might also be a good choice to think over tech. It seems that pharma
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