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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for your reply! I graduated from a U.S university, so don't have to take the toefl. the percentiles were 160V (86%) 166Q (87%) 5.5AWA (98%) and 163V (92%) 168Q (91%) 4.0AWA (54%) I think for the second AWA test, I might have went off topic or something.. because I wrote the exact same amount with the exact same approach.. oh well~ I agree with you that the percentile is more important than the actual numbers. Both VQ improved, but because off the big drop in AWA, if I had to choose only ONE, than I think the first test score will be better. I j
  2. Hello! I'm an international student applying to Ph.D programs in Political Science this year. I have taken the GRE twice. 1st attempt: 160V 166Q 5.5AWA and 2nd attempt: 163V 168Q 4.0AWA most schools told me that they will either super score or consider both scores for the application process. Still do anyone think I should probably just send one? as it might look bad to have multiple attempts?.. or think sending in both is better?If I had to choose one.. I thought the first one is better, ONLY because I am international. I noticed that most intl students struggle with the AWA mo
  3. Hello! I am an international student applying to Ph.D programs this fall. I have taken the GRE twice and received a somewhat mixed result. First attempt: V160 Q166 AWA5.5 Second attempt: V163 Q168 AWA4.0 I thought about retaking it.. but not sure if I can pay for another test.. so for now I will need to choose between the two.. I am gear towards submitting the first one. The only reason is because even though I am not sure how much AWA scores are important, I noticed that a 5.5 score for an international student is extremely rare and will make my application unique. However
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