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  1. From their website: https://mccourt.georgetown.edu/new-students/tuition-financial-aid-and-scholarships/ "If you have received a merit-based scholarship from the McCourt School, you would have received notification of the award with your admission letter. These are competitive awards based on merit, not financial need. Scholarships are automatically renewed at the equivalent level in the second year of study (and third year for MPP-Evening students) as long as the student remains in good academic standing (i.e. maintains a grade point average of at least 3.0). For scholarship rec
  2. Accepted with 28.5k per year. Not sure how many dollar signs that is, but I am surprisingly shocked.
  3. I'm looking at applying to some MPP programs in the area. I have an interest in international development and hope to concentrate in that. I chose not to pursue an IDEV degree because I hope to work in other capacities too. The programs I'm look at are Georgetown, GWU, AU, and UMD. I'm a little interested in the rankings and connections that are available. From what I read, Georgetown and GWU offers greater opportunities but are much more expensive than the other two. AU and UMD seems to offer more financial aid and are still ranked nicely. The last 3 programs offers concentrations i
  4. Thanks, I don't usual write on forums, but your information has been so great.
  5. Thanks for the advice on the clearance. I never tell people about it, although it's super easy to see if I have one. I will keep in mind the undergraduate acceptance rates when I start applying to programs. Your friend has a very cool idea with that! Surprising that she could not work with others to implement that kind of work. It's also surprising to hear how seemingly closed-minded those in the traditional IDEV route seem to be... In terms of industrial policy, I have done some work related to it especially with China's current efforts in Africa, and although it is frowned upon it
  6. Thanks for the insight! Your advice so far has definitely solved more than one of my current dilemmas. Just a question to follow up. For your second point, do you mean that the student body would have less experienced individuals if more are straight from undergrad, therefore potentially putting me at a disadvantage in connections if accepted? I don't intend to work in national security, although it was fun while it lasted. I have been told that a clearance proves how trustworthy and experienced I can be in general is why I still continue to mention it. I do hope to work on international
  7. @GradSchoolGrad Thanks for all your in-depth explanations of basically everything you've written in this forum. After some reading, I realize that McCourt may be one of my top choices because I am interested in international development through data analysis. But, to be frank, I am scared of applying. My imposter's syndrome has never been this bad haha. I am going to apply straight out of undergraduate school because I have a strong sense of purpose in what I want to do. My biggest concern is that I may not get the right amount of funding or even be accepted. I am in the military res
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