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  1. I'm trying to separate the Phd and MA advice right now. (There would of course, be overlap) I'm looking for a program that would help with language accusation. Right now I'm independently studying German (using Wilson's "German Quickly") I thought about CLEP-ing, but maybe that's not the wisest choice?
  2. SOP. I'm in the beginning stages (pre-writing) following Asher's advice, and the first prewriting activity is what makes you unique (not as a student but as a person.) He had a an example of this girl who said she was "average"(but spoilers: she was in an earthquake!) I just found that advice too far fetched for my tastes, I guess.
  3. We are all trying to find our futures! Good Luck!
  4. First some history: I took the GRE in October 2013. I've been out of undergrad for about a year or so. (dec '13) I'm interested in an MA in the ancient world (at this very moment Racism and Slavery) AND I worry about getting to grad school and changing my topic. My question is: how did you come to the conclusion to study with who and at which department? Was it which school offered the best aid, the location, or just luck of the draw or a combination of those factors? Because I think that's what I'm struggling with the most: trying to find a advisor who matches my own interests. I worry about getting in and then having a "bad" advisor (this is counter productive, of course.) So I think I'm just looking for a way to competently (re)start my search. Any suggestions?
  5. HA.....now I hate buying coffee and try to make my own
  6. This might be a silly question, but didn't you don research on your advisor before you got assigned to him? (That's another fear I suppose...advisor and I might not be a "match")
  7. Take some time off. Watch a movie, read a book. I took a week off. It was glorious! Now back to the grind!
  8. So the field I plan to go into is Ancient History. During undergrad, I worked with a professor whose speciality was Islamic Studies. Would it be ok to ask him for a LoR? Or should it be someone from Ancient History? I haven't decided about the other two letters.
  9. I second the TODDY cold brew system. Simply amazing.
  10. I think my main gripe with retail is being treated as a child. I'm an adult. Show me basic respect.
  11. Those are all good points. I think I just see this test as a huge part of the application, which in reality, it isn't.
  12. Maybe I'm wrong...but I think a 3.1 GPA for undergrad is horrible. I studied history, and did well in those history classes. I'd like to go for an MA in history and maybe a PhD in Classics. Right now I'm working retail. So that's super fun. I'm pressured to always be on the real job search all the time. How about putting in for 5 jobs within one week and getting rejected by all of them. It's a bit of an ego buster. Meanwhile, I study fir the GRE and look at programs and wonder how I could afford it. (Currently, I have no debt.) I was thinking of finding a "real" job and working that for a year or so and building up an emergency fund. The trick is to find a job that wants to hire me. I'm just depressed, I suppose. Am I am utterly mad? What do you guys think?
  13. Does anyone else get burned out studying for the GRE? How do you deal with it?
  14. Thanks for replaying. As I began looking around, many MA's offered a history track plus languages.
  15. Alright I will play: Benjamin Isaac's The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity I'm reading it for research/pleasure/ideas on a specialization. I'm Looking forward to starting Yvon Garlon's Slavery in Ancient Greece For said reasons above and because why not?
  16. I'm confused why you took Indiana off your list. From the link above: Perhaps, you're better at reading between the lines than I am. Or, are the keywords to look for "guaranteed funding"? In response to vandelayindustries: it doesn't necessarily have to be a combo program, but Indiana looked promising!
  17. Sure: I majored in history and took Latin for four years (b's and c's) took Greek for a year and got an A. And yes you are correct in assuming that I will be looking into MA-only programs.
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