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  1. SCHOOL A - high ranking - full fellowship offer - very far away - one very prestigious advisor, one younger advisor - worried that neither advisor is doing exactly what I want to do? (eg - political or social hist. vs. cultural) - not sure how much this matters - would probably have a much easier time getting a job in the end SCHOOL B - much lower rank - similar funding, but would have to TA more - close to home, friends, family, etc. - already have friends in the city; still re-rooting, but not be as overwhelming - advisors still not absolutely perfect match for me, but I maybe mesh better with them I'm an Americanist, 20th cen. I am a little reluctant to post specific info about schools and advisors and things, but if you think you can be more helpful, I can send it in a message! I think this is kind of similar to Iknownothing's UMich/Penn State decision, actually. Have you decided yet?
  2. I got an email today from a dean of graduate studies who... wanted to verify the spelling of my name?? What? To make sure it's spelled correctly on my rejection letter? Anyway, I verified and then that was that. Also, did anyone apply to Delaware? Have you heard anything??
  3. Conversely, I have been accepted to ONE program (so far, I guess) and while I am totally excited and appreciative, I can't help feeling like they made a mistake? Like, my application was supposed to go into the REJECT pile but there was a mix up and soon they will have to tell me the truth? I have been rejected by so many (much less prestigious) programs
  4. Paura is CLEANING UP over there.
  5. YES! Mine too! A little presumptuous, UPenn...
  6. Have the people who have been accepted to Minnesota heard yet about funding or stipends for Recruitment Weekend yet? I'm being really impatient about this, I know. I was just accepted last week and, since it looks like I will be rejected from UPenn..., they're my top choice, I think! More generally, when do programs generally provide specific funding info?
  7. I agree - evasive lying is the way to go in this case. Also, I would try not to be the type of person that talks about your boyfriend/girlfriend constantly. If they are seldom mentioned, maybe no one will ask. I wouldn't immediately drag them out to department functions or even student parties. Just be sure this is a long-term relationship before you jeopardize your future over it. That said, I, personally, would not care.
  8. So, about a month ago I started emailing potential advisors at some of the schools I plan on applying to. If the schools are close by, I mentioned that I would love to visit. If the schools were far away, I left that out. One PA from one far away school wrote back (a really nice email) about how they are excited about my project and would like to talk on the phone - so... that is what we are doing... pretty soon. I am TERRIFIED. I am pretty comfortable with in-person interviews and meetings, but I feel like the phone is so much more fast-paced. I am probably going to blow it and I haven't even applied yet, crap. Here are my questions: 1. Has anyone done this informal phone meeting thing? How did it work? 2. Will the PA ask me questions (like a more formal interview?) or just expect me to do the talking? 2a. If "Yes," what kinds of questions? 3. The PA said I could ask any questions I had about the program, but I really cannot think of anything that's not answered on the website? What are questions people typically ask at these things? 4. Any ideas how long this "talk" will be? Really, any information at all would be really helpful. Aside from the phone aspect, I am interested in anything related to pre-application interviews / meetings. EEK!
  9. I am just applying this year and I don't have a lot of experience with this (and I haven't really seen the results yet!) but I sent out a short email like this: "Hello Professor [NAME], I recently graduated from [COLLEGE] and I'm currently in the process of researching graduate schools. I plan on applying to [COLLEGE] and I am hoping that you might consider me as a potential advisee. I am interested in studying [sTUFF] and I think that your work with [sTUFF] will make you an especially well-suited advisor. Right now, I am particularly interested in [bRIEF ELABORATION OF STUFF]. [ONE MORE SHORT SENTENCE ABOUT STUFF.] Finally, I live pretty close to [COLLEGE] and, if you have time, I would love to visit. Thanks, [NAME]" ...I only added the last sentence to schools I could visit without driving more than two hours. All of the professors I offered to visit invited me to come in the fall and meet with them. In fact, all of the responses I received were positive. Some were short and obviously the end of dialogue - "Thanks for writing. Your research sounds interesting and is a good match for our program. I encourage you to apply." Other responses asked questions - "What kind of STUFF?" and some offered a phone call to answer questions / talk about research. I sent maybe 7 emails and received 5 responses so far. One of the potential advisors told me that they are going on leave and retiring soon, which is really important to know because if I applied to that program all like, "I look forward to studying with PERSON" - I might have just been rejected because they would not be there, you know? Also, for the professor at the conference - I would send a follow up email like, "I noticed you will be at X Conference - me too! If you have time I would love to meet up for a minute to ask you some questions."
  10. Thanks everyone! I think I'll take off a few of the MAs and replace them with a few more kind of higher ranked programs. I feel like I kind of had a big fish / small sea thing going on through my undergrad and now that is countered with reading about really qualified people being rejected everywhere - so I am maybe constantly teetering between being overly confident and and being terrified of impending failure. Anyway, this is all good advice and I really appreciate the feedback!! Really!
  11. Also: http://www.history.illinois.edu/people/hoganson
  12. Minnesota University of Delaware & Harvard has Lizabeth Cohen?
  13. I just graduated summa cum laude from a really, really mediocre state school (like, 65% acceptance rate, no PhD program in history, etc.). I just started working my applications for 2011 and I'm worried that it's just totally impractical for me to even spend the $1,000 applying? Here are some stats: Overall GPA: 3.8 History GPA: 3.8 LOR: Hopefully really great - two were all offered to me before I even asked. However, the professors are both relatively unknown. They publish, but not much. Writing Sample: I'm working on revising a paper (my school, for more reference, does not even have an "Honors Thesis" option, so this is all I've got...). I have a professor working with me through the revision - hopefully it will be relatively decent in the end. Personal Statement: I'm also working REALLY HARD on this and two former professors have offered to read it when I'm done drafting - I will probably give it to a third. GRE: I'm registered for mid October and SCARED TO DEATH that I will end up with like, an 800... -- I am worried that, because my undergrad school was kind of crappy and unknown, my GPA and letters (or even my whole application) won't be taken seriously? Does this make sense? Have any of you hailed from similar undergrad schools and received acceptance into (funded) PhD programs? I'm not really set on a top 10 or even 20 programs - I want a school that is a good, comfortable fit. Here's what I have on my list: History PhDs (top choices) -- University of South Carolina Temple University University of California at Santa Barbara CUNY Graduate School and University Center University of Pennsylvania University of Delaware University of Minnesota Other MAs (all programs related to my interests, but it would be real hard for me to find funding...) -- University of Maryland College Park William & Mary University of Texas at Austin New York University University College London Griffith University What do you think? Feel free to be TOTALLY HONEST!
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