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  1. did anybody get an interview invite for Brown MCB and not hear back after filling out the google forms?
  2. i set up my interview for BU PiBS for late january, they offered three different interview dates if i remember correctly. i think one was in early february, so maybe it's still possible they send out invites?? good luck!
  3. hi all, happy new year! wondering if anybody is in a similar situation but since submitting my apps, our lab just had a paper accepted which i'm a co-author on. so i'd like the admissions committee to know of this update. should i email the program directors or program coordinators, and is this an appropriate email to send while awaiting interview invites from those schools? thanks!
  4. heard back from brown MCB but I suppose every program is different. anyone have updates on weill-cornell bcmb or cornell BBS? cornell said they would send out invites the week of the 20th!
  5. any news on cornell BBS program? haven't heard anything yet!
  6. hello! is weill-cornell sending out rolling invites for BCMB or is it likely all invites are done being sent out?
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