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  1. Yeah I also only got nomination letters from LA and SD but nothing official, but they mentioned in the letters that the official ones will come in the next few weeks. Maybe wait for another week or so and see. Hope you hear something soon!
  2. I heard back from both (LA and SD) last friday. I do know someone in organic got accepted into Berkeley last thursday but I did not hear a thing lol. It probably won’t hurt if you email the admissions committee and ask them politely.
  3. I heard back from SD and LA but not Berkeley. I’m in organic. Did you apply to UCI as well?
  4. Yeah, I was gonna say the same. 37K isn’t really that high lol
  5. I saw someone posted interviews from Scripps. Has Scripps sent out interviews for organic already?
  6. Got the interview but I believe all of them were sent since Stanford said they anticipated to make decisions by the end of month.
  7. Me too. Also organic. Didn’t get one. I assume they sent them out the same time :(. It would be better if they just tell us we were not selected and reject us. Hate this waiting game.
  8. I just saw someone posted a rejection from Berkeley. This is the first rejection I have seen in this cycle and I was wondering if anyone in organic heard from Berkeley.
  9. Anyone heard from UCI for organic? Also, it seems like Caltech did not send out interview invitations before Christmas this year. Are we expecting to hear something soon?
  10. I'm so anxious too. Seems like most of the results posted are not in organic. Finger crossed
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