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  1. Hi everyone! I heard on a different forum that some people have started to get notified of their acceptance to CSUF! I have not heard anything either way yet. I hope those that have interviewed get some good news! If you haven't been interviewed yet, I would not give up hope! I know some people last year were invited to interview in April and were admitted. Fingers crossed for everyone ?
  2. I think it might be a safe bet if you have not received an offer of an interview yet. But you never know, sometimes that interview later in the month as well if enough people don't accept their initial offers of admission. I hope you get good news from other schools!
  3. Amazing! Congratulations! This is very helpful as I was wondering when we could expect offers of admission. At least the anxiety will be over one way or another. I hope everyone else gets good news.
  4. I have a couple close friends who attended APU. They loved it, they offer a "Clinical" concentration and it is one of the better programs for training MSW clinicians in the area.
  5. I applied to one of each! At CSUF I applied to the 2 year and CSULB for the 3 year. It doesn't seem to make much difference I hear though. The part time is still a ton of work and it would be a struggle to work full time while in a part time program IMO.
  6. Nice! Very applicable for MSW. I graduated in May of 2018
  7. Kinda! I did my undergrad at CSUF in Human Services, they don’t have a BSW. The HUSR major is a social work type education. Did you do your BSW? The accelerated MSW would save so much time and money haha
  8. Totally! I didn't want to pick too late in the cycle because I was nervous that they would be over the interviews at that point lol
  9. I got an invitation as well! I chose March 12th in the morning. I work 9-5 Mon-Fri so I thought it best for the weekend. My first choice is Cal State Long Beach, I haven't heard anything back from them yet though so I dunno! I only applied to CSUF and CSULB. I was thinking about applying to APU but I wasn't thrilled about the drive out to APU and the private school tuition lol
  10. From what I have read about, 3.49 GPA is pretty competitive, especially with 9 years of experience. I hear UCLA's program is amazing. Best of luck to you!
  11. Oh dang! That is super early and I am surprised you haven't heard anything yet. I hope everyone hears back soon. Just want to drop my stats in here, I'd love to hear what your stats are but no pressure if you don't feel comfortable. Experience: 3.5 years case management/drug and alcohol counseling GPA: 3.61
  12. Hi everyone! I am creating this forum to talk about CSUF MSW applications for the Fall of 2022. It is a collective space for us to commiserate and post application statuses. I am anxiously waiting to hear back whether or not I will get an interview! Has anyone received an invitation to interview yet?
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