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  1. do let me know if they reply! thanks haha if not see ya at GW LOL
  2. just checked the Gradcafe's results page and someone said they got into SSP with some funding, so maybe we just didn't get anything in which case I'll likely end up at GW haha
  3. thanks for the heads up! I got accepted too! but no mention of funding either... wondering if I should email them about it or maybe I just got no funding at all lol. Did we all get no mention of funding whatsoever?
  4. don't worry I haven't heard anything from SSP either! and I'm international so I've been staying up late... just for no email to arrive hahaha
  5. if you're comfortable sharing, may I know how much you got for funding? I'm wondering if I should negotiate for higher (I got 7.5k per semester and have no idea if that is considered high or low)
  6. same! just heard about funding from GW and from security too! good luck guys and hopefully see yall this fall (if GT doesn't work out hahaha)
  7. hey! just received an email from GW for security too and waiting for funding good luck to you too!!
  8. thanks for the heads up! and congrats again waiting for GT now haha
  9. wow congrats!! I'm an international student so no news yet from Elliott hopefully they send the emails out soon... based on past years, news usually came out by end of Feb
  10. hey! thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm still waiting for here and GW too where else did you apply?
  11. ya I saw that too! But based on past precedence (and gradcafe stalking lol), it seems that different programs release at different times! SSP usually releases around mid-March. Also - we can't possibly be the only people applying to SFS on this thread right haha where's everyone
  12. hello!! my first responder hahaha yeah I'm so confused as to why this year's forum seems so dead! Even the 2023 results page was created super late + not a lot of people replied... although I didn't apply for MPP or MPA haha. Which programs did you apply for at Georgetown? (or others in general!). I applied for Security Studies at GT and GW.
  13. No idea why this forum is so dead this year - but just posting this for a place to freak out together.
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