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  1. Of course! I got into that program and Williams last application cycle, so if you have questions about either let me know!
  2. I just wanted to drop in and say that you may also want to look into the University of Arkansas' new MA in art history—it is fully funded just like Williams!
  3. Hey! I did my undergraduate degree at UW and really loved it. If you have any particular questions that I can answer I'd be happy to talk about it more! Since you're studying early modern Europe, I imagine you'll probably spend a lot of time working with Estelle Lingo. She is so wonderful, and one of the main reasons why I got so into the field of art history in the first place! I haven't seen anyone else post about it yet, but I heard back from Williams last Thursday about scheduling an interview with them - is anyone else in the same boat? Hope everyone is doing well, and best of luck!
  4. I looked back at last year's results on this forum, and it looks like there were no interviews - I'm not 100% sure though! And no, I haven't heard anything yet either. Best of luck to all.
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