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  1. Same still waiting. Does anyone know someone who is accepted ?
  2. I have applied for CBA and Signal Kinetics, got an interview with CBA nothing from the later. Can you share which groups you guys applied to so that we know which groups are yet to release the result. Also, how many rounds of interview did you have.
  3. I have not got any communication regarding the result yet. Ig they are releasing group wise. Did you have any interviews ? @Kamikaze
  4. I feel the interview could have went better, as there are many projects / technical activities I am involved in, but I couldn't go through all of them as the interviewer moved away from the topic. If I covered all of the activities It would give the interviewer a better context to my application. The interview was very straight forward and only based on my work till now. Anyways, thank you for all the wishes & all the best to everyone, hope you all get an invite soon.
  5. It was about 30-40 minutes long, not as technical as I expected it to be, I think the P.I just wanted to gauge my fit in his lab and motivations behind graduate school. Personally, not the best interview I have given, did a lots of small mistakes, hoping for the best.
  6. @roahdi I received the invite a lot early near December End around 31st @RareSoul CBA- Center for Bits and Atoms
  7. I had an interview with CBA, have not heard from other groups.
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