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  1. Guys, lets discuss something serious. I am from electrical engineering background and got accepted from Purdue, Georgia Tech and Carnegie Mellon University. I have to decide before 15 April. Practically earlier, as the professors are getting impatient. I am pretty sure that's the similar situation for you (waitlisted candidates). Now I am waitlisted at media lab and no reply from PI though I mail her once every week. Their official deadline is May 6th. After two rounds of assignment over one month, I am reluctant to accept that I have 0% chance. What should I do at this condition? What is the wisest way to manage this situation and take decision? Thanks in advance.
  2. Those who are waitlisted, any activity there? any interview/ mail/ acceptance?
  3. anybody got accepted? or all of us are just waitlisted?
  4. All I see are rejections, I wonder if anyone got waitlisted so far
  5. I applied to NCB, did two rounds of assignment received from the PI, no interview yet. Anybody got interviewed in this group? Or any third round of assignment? How many of you got waitlisted (from any group)?
  6. No, I didn't have any interviews yet. Which groups did you apply btw?
  7. Is there anybody who haven't got the result yet? 🙂
  8. Hi Vicky, did NCB tell anything about interview? As in what is the last date of their interview schedule, or if the interview is mandatory for all.
  9. Anybody heard anything from Conformable Decoder group?
  10. Hi, did you receive any assignment from NCB? How many rounds did you go through?
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