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  1. congrats kalle! ich bin weiter auf dem absteigenden ast & claim the penn rejection
  2. that was mine. hope you'll get in though.. anyone here to claim the columbia admit?
  3. so cimalagon, how was your talk at Yale? Any news? I can claim the stanford admission (and I am really excited about it). As it was already my 4th admission I think its time to start declining some programs (really didn't expect to be in a position like that). How do you guys manage that?
  4. Congrats to the Princeton acceptances! Let me know if you feel more like going somewhere else (then there might be a spot for me ) No, seriously, congratulations. Princeton is as good as it gets.
  5. That really is a good point. Eventhough I have a little teaching experience I would like such a training as well. Havn't heard anything from Toronto yet, but the deadline was Jan 30th, so I'll be patient... ...meanwhile I got waitlisted at Princeton congrats to kalleziffel! Cornell is ace!
  6. Received a very nice email from the department chair. Also my UIC funding package is not clear yet due to missing documents or so. But with my other choices (JHU & Rutgers) I will most likely not go to UIC anyway. Did you apply for a masters or a phd? I also have Toronto on my list.. cheers
  7. I claim acceptances to UIC and to Rutgers. Three in a row now! Still waiting for my top schools though. There has been one other acceptance in the results board to JHU of an international as well. If you read this: Are you going to the open house event on March 2nd? Also as a general question I wonder if it is worth going to an open house, if you have to cross an ocean and pay hundreds of dollars for it. Any advise on this from anyone?
  8. at least mine was real. I got my first admission from Johns Hopkins and I am so happy! I got it last tuesday, but havn't heard anything from my other programs. Also had Berkeley and Northwestern on the list. @ontolome: don't do your GRE again! If anything counts it is verbal and writing. My scores were pretty bad, so I suppose it doesn't count in the end. Good luck to you guys!!
  9. Thanks! In the admissions letter they said they wound reimbourse me in part. The cheapest flight i found was 800 Euros...its in Baltimore, and I am waiting some other east-coast decisions. Would be nice to go there for more than one open house event. I'll see..
  10. nothing related to computer science...but I have also received an invitation to an open house, and don't know if I should go there. I live in Europe, so it would be quite a trip. As I am admitted anyway it would't affect the decision I suppose... could you guys give me an opinion on whether I should go or not?
  11. I don't know if this helps, but I've been invited to an open house at Johns Hopkins after I received admission. So its absolutely possible that you`re admitted too. (doesn't your invitation say anything else that might give a hint?) The prof who offered me admission said that the open house is supposed to be an event to get to know the faculty and facitities. My concern is whether I should go there. I would have to cross an ocean to get there, and I don't know if it is worth the costs etc., as I am admitted anyway.
  12. thank you guys for all the support! I was getting close to think it was somehow my fault...but actually...not. This prof is a jerk, but the major problem is that he is not the only one in academia. On the contrary my other recommenders were absolutely kind and on time (except that one guy with his last two letters, which are still missing) Good luck to all of you!
  13. Yes he did. He also said that he agreed to write recommendations for two or three programs, and not for "two dozens". So he actually exaggerated the FIVE programs where I put his name on up to 24, and blamed me for that! He wrote that each recommendation takes half an hour (which is not true), and that he is not payed by the university to waste his time on my applications...indeed a horrible experience. Now I am a bit traumatized to contact professors on my behalfs And the subsitute prof. stll hasn't uploaded his last two letters...aarrghh!
  14. I had one problem with a prof. who agreed in the first place (months before the deadlines) to send out some letters on my behalf. He didn't respond to any of my reminders but managed to send at least one letter. When I kept asking right before the other programs deadlines, he responded with an angry mail. He said I shouldn't terrorize him with with my reminders and that he's busy. So I had to replace him last minute. This particular prof. has still two days to send his last two letters. He made everything before christmas, but forgot two recommendations. Now, I keep reminding him daily as its already way behind the official deadline and the admissions officers told that the review starts this friday. No respond, no action. I guess those two apps are for the bin...
  15. applied to NYU and Northwestern. Also Johns Hopkins, Berkeley, Princeton and Stanford. I listed my general interests in my CV and focussed on one specific topic in my SOP. I hope they'll take a look at the cv! Have also no idea about how hard the competition is, but all the people (at these schools) I've been talking to told me that they're gonna take 3-6 students for the PhD-program. Guess there are at least 3 top notch applications on the desk of every app-com to compete against But I can't start the negative thinking already!! Good luck to me and all you other guys!
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