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  1. Hey guys, Here is a progress report. I had to quit the job I was working (major ethical issues happening), but not before the head of HR really tried to get me to stay. Sadly, he knew he was in a losing situation, because I had been offered double what was earned, better benefits, and paid further education. I am now going to earn a very nice salary for someone my age, even if we weren't in a recession. In three to five years time without any further education (which will not happen, I have bigger plans) or title changes I should expect to be very close or over the six figure hump with
  2. Thank yall for all your points. It seems like I keep thinking back to something I read a while back. "Do you want to be a all-star in the minors or a bench warmer in the majors?" I have to say unless something major happens between now then, I will be off to grad school. Someone told me the other day that you do don't regret what you did do when you die, you regret what you didn't do. I know I am cut out for more then what my current job or industry can provide (blue-collar work). Good luck to you all and thank yall again.
  3. I know almost everyone here is pro-grad school. I still want to ask this question for the people who will actually think about this question and give a thoughtful reply. I am in a tough spot now. I just accepted a job with benefits that I am going to keep for at least a year. I also have acceptance to grad school for the fall of 2012, I deferred for next year . Next summer I will have to decide if I want to keep working or go to grad school. Just a little background on me. I have a family, hints why benefits are so important. The good thing is my wife should be eligible for benefits
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