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  1. Thanks, Sashi. Yes, I got an A&S Fellowship.
  2. Yes, i got my Phd admission on early February.
  3. I´m going to the Hispanic Languages and Literatures. Had you been in Pittsburgh?
  4. I had applied to one program and got one acceptance. There is a thread on Languages forum call "Spanish 2011" there are some people there XD.
  5. Hi Ad Astra, Some people at my university, here in Colombia, finished there Phd studies at Harvard, Yale and Cornell. The harvard alumni, said to me that the university can be really competitive and the time that takes finishing the degree is long, he took almost 8 years, but he got a other Phd on portugal. The one with Phd in Yale is unemployent and is kind fo desesperate, and the persons of cornell got really great placements, besides that, Cornell is really good in latin american studies and not as stressfull as Harvard. And be sure who you want to work as your tutor in harvard, I knew that many amazing professors go to other universities because of pressure issues (Like booteels or Carcamo). Of Columbia, I cant say much, but here is the place all people want to be. XD Congratulations for your acceptances, XD
  6. Thank you philosophy chic , I accepted the Upitts Fellowship XD. A friend of mine told me that the Pitts philosophy of science Phd is an unbeateble program. XD what are your reaearche interest? XD
  7. Congratulations , In mi opinion,as far as for spanish language and literature studies, Cornell (Bruno Bosteels amoung the faculty) and Columbia are the best options: truly amazing faculty and placement. Harvard well it´s harvard, but I never like its Phd program, but then again is Harvard. I only apply to one school and, right now, I'm a little jealous of you with all that amazing options. Congratulations P.
  8. plop23

    Spanish 2011

    Pues en Michigan tiene mas endovement que pitts, pero el funding es parecido. En Pitts, hay fellowship el primero y ultimo año, en michign sólo el primero pero hay apoyo durante dos veranos garantizado. En UMich dan un poco más, pero me dijeron que ann arbor es mas caro que pittsburgh. Grax por el consejo, y a ti como te ha ido con las aplicaciones, ya tomaste una decision?
  9. plop23

    Spanish 2011

    Pues me interesa la literatura y el cine que se desarrolla en situaciones de conflicto armado, entre el estado y guerrillas o grupos para militares (México o Colombia). Siento mas afinidad con los profesores de Pittsburgh y me parece un departamento muy fuerte en todo sentido, pero no se por qué nadie que conozca solicita admisión a esta Universidad. Queria saber sus opiniones XD.
  10. I'm looking to study the colombian and mexican literature and documentary film in the first ten years of the XXI century. Well both offer fellowship during the first year and the dissertation year. Similar stipend but michigan gives two research summer grants. Thanks for th help
  11. plop23

    Spanish 2011

    Hola a Todos, Les queria preguntar para que me ayudaran a pensar mi decision para el Phd: La universidad de Michigan o la universidad de Pittsburgh para un Phd con enfasis en literatura latinoamerica del XX y XXI y cine latinomericano de al misma epoca? Muchas Gracias,
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