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  1. So I've been plugging away on my application materials. I've connected with a few contacts in Germany as potential leads for affiliations but haven't really found exactly what I'm looking for. I've identified a few other faculty members who I think could be the kind of connections I want. I'm just a bit nervous about reaching out to them given that they might be on the admissions board for the schools (I'm hoping to complete a Masters while over there) and I want to make sure my first impression is a good one. Can anyone provide some insight as to how they've connected with affiliation
  2. Hi bjs... I would suggest that you work to develop both your SoP and your affiliation concurrently. That's the approach I'm taking right now. I've been sending out emails of inquiry to various contacts and bouncing around some ideas. The responses I've been receiving from these possible affiliations have helped me to better define my interest areas. At the same time, I've been writing and rewriting various components of my SoP. This process has also led me to revise my plans and/or hone in on a more specific area of interest. Since we're getting such an early start on things, I don't
  3. Hi crimsonengineer. Thanks for jumping on board with this thread, I hope you'll be able to provide us new applicants with plenty of info seeing as you were successful in getting a grant. I know I definitely found the conversations in the previous Fulbright thread very helpful. So I'm most likely applying for a grant to Germany. There are a few other options I'm entertaining in Europe but what I've been able to track down in Germany most aligns with my interests. I'm looking at programs in international relations and sustainable development. I'd like to continue on with the kind of work
  4. I've been stalking the pages of the 2011-2012 Fulbright thread for weeks and figured now was as good a time as any to start a new thread for next years applicants. I would love to get a dialogue going with those working on their applications. Bounce around ideas and provide some encouragement when necessary. And for anyone with past experience applying for Fulbright and/or alums... please, please, please contribute your thoughts and advice! I'm sure I speak for many when I say, we could use the help. Anyway, I've begun the exhaustive process of rough-draft after rough-draft for my
  5. Thanks for the comments bhikhaari. I have a few more thoughts/questions. I looked at emails from a handful of my past profs. and only a few of them had their details at the bottom of the email. And the details they include are "PhD" or "J.D.", the department of which they're affiliated, and then the university where they teach but that's as far as it goes. So my thought process is that as I'm thinking of potential faculty to turn to for LoRs, I might lean more toward profs. with degrees from more recognized schools. As best I can tell I have probably half-a-dozen faculty who could all
  6. First question - Does anyone know if faculty include their credentials when they write a letter? At the very least I would assume they include "Dr." or "PhD" if they're Ph.D but does anyone know if they typically include something like where they may have recieved that PhD? I might be reading too much into this but it seems like adcoms would be interested in knowing a bit more about who exactly is writing a letter for me. In my mind there is a significant difference between having an adjunct prof. with a MA write a letter vs. a tenured faculty member with a PhD from a well-known school. Do
  7. I'd be happy to take a look and offer some thoughts.
  8. I have been mulling over the same questions as I work on my own SoP(s). Just my opinion but I would say don't go into too much detail about your future career plans. I think it's well understood by university staff that studying for a MA/MSc has the potentional to open up many possibilities for life after studies and/or provide many opportunities to expand one's professional network. I think it best to provide a brief example of where you could potentially see yourself following your studies. Pick one of the organizations you would be interested in working with and speak briefly about a po
  9. Hi Klara, I would be happy to review your SOPs. Although I'm not a grad student (nor have I started applying for programs yet) I do have some experiences that may align with your field of study. I was an International Studies major for my undergrad with a regional focus on Africa. I spent one year studying at the Univ. of Ghana and have travelled around the continent on numerous occasions.
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