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  1. Thanks. I'm in Fluids, but who knows where after the first year of coursework What do I think got me in? Well I think primarily my statement - I think the key is to write it so it appeals to the research interests of as many Profs as possible. And my experience has been largely in fluids which is quite a big specialty at GALCIT. Oh also I should have clarified I applied for the Masters with a view to going into the Doctoral degree....sorry about that
  2. Go for it, mate. I got into the doctoral program with lesser credentials than that and am starting this fall. I think it'll all come down to how you present yourself and your interests in your statement. You've got material for a solid application IMHO.
  3. Hey I'll be joining this fall as well in the Aero dept (GALCIT). Looking forward to it!
  4. Diamond eh, props. Are you sure that "you can work with so-and-so if you want" doesn't mean that "so-and-so" will give you a stipend?
  5. Is your username any reference to the SC2 player on team liquid? Oh and I would choose UMD in a flash. I think it's a much bigger department than the other two.
  6. Was denied funding today...
  7. Was denied funding today...
  8. Yeah I got the Dean's letter yesterday. I think nomination means recommended to graduate studies who then make it official. You'd probably be getting the letter soon
  9. Thanks for the great info! That is a big call you've got to make between MIT and Caltech ... I guess it would depend on what area you want to go into down the track. Interesting how they said MIT is all about fundamentals - looking at the labs it looks like their research is fairly application heavy. Caltech seems to be quite 'physics-y' whereas MIT is more 'systems engineering-y'. If I go to Caltech (still waiting on Stanford) I plan to use the first year to decide on what really interests me. Did you see much on space propulsion while you were there?
  10. I'd call up Christine for an answer though - there aren't many admits reported on the results page so they might be still deliberating...
  11. Emailed. No info except the fact that more info will be available soon.
  12. Mine was from GALCIT and I was told I'd get a letter from the dean soon. I was also wondering about the "nomination". It's a bit unclear and it's been over a week so I'm getting a little nervous...
  13. No mention of any Professors over here ... are you talking about the academic supervisor or RA appointment?
  14. Well if the fellowship is sizable would that make your decision any simpler? I notice they differentiate between "aeronautics" and "aerospace" where the aerospace stream has a more space orientation and involves collaboration with JPL. That's for Masters though, there's on a PhD in "Aeronautics".
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