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  1. Hey guys, I created a facebook page for our class so we can have these discussions with non-Grad Cafe people: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_186622378052634#!/home.php?sk=group_186622378052634 join it!
  2. Good news. For anybody that was concerned (and I would suspect that most serious applicants were): the Evans school will NOT be consolidated with another school or college at UW. If that was holding you back from decision making, consider that fear alleviated.
  3. Policyposter, I think you are right to express a lot of concerns about the value of paying so much for an MPP, Harvard be damned. It's a decision I'm currently struggling with. However, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness and IBR are the only things that make the thought palatable. I'd encourage you to read up more on these programs. Read all the links that mmac helpfully posted. My best understanding, after reading up on the programs and talking to a friend who is currently relying on PSLF+IBR to pay off his law school debts, is that: - Interest seems to not really matter. You make the income-based repayment, which should always cover the interest payment at the very least, and is likely paying off some principal. Once you've made your 120 payments your principal and interest balance is forgiven. - Limiting your career options is certainly a concern. However, the key is that you make 120 qualifying payments, but they don't have to be consecutive. You can still jump into the private sector for a couple years and come back. This extends the amount of time you're paying off your loans but theoretically the increase in income is worth it. You could possibly find yourself in a situation where you'd like to leave your well-paying government job for a similarly paid consulting job, but your financial incentives wouldn't allow you, even if that private job provides services to governments. - You can't ever "stop qualifying" for IBR, as far as I understand it. Your payment just eventually reaches normal levels at higher incomes, at which point it doesn't matter. [Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these, guys!] I think your concerns about the Harvard MPP vs MPA vs MC/MPA are largely unfounded, though. The differences are mostly related to whether you're 22-27 years old, 30-35 years old, or older, and of course your previous studies and career experience. MPP is most certainly a terminal policy degree. You'd be really strange to get a HKS MPA degree if you already held an MPP... the MPA is basically the same experience, minus the core curriculum. Maybe you would get an MPP from a different school and one day get an MC/MPA to hone your executive skills, but I think even this would be strange. In sum: financial concerns, completely valid, but make sure you study IBR and PSLF to decide if it's worth it. Worries about which HKS degree you get, well.. if you want to go to grad school now, get the HKS degree that's appropriate for your stage in life and don't look back.
  4. I'm in a pretty similar position, except that for me it's USC instead of Chicago. They're vastly different programs and I like them both. But one thing to consider with GSPP (I'm looking at the same funding levels as you, I'm guessing you got $10k for the first year or so and are relying on the in-state tuition for 2nd year) is the strong possibility of getting a GSI/GSR position that will cover your tuition. If you choose to go that route, it seems like you can substantially reduce your costs.
  5. So are any of you lovely WWS admits planning on turning down funding offers from HKS and adding a little more money to the pot?
  6. Just got my funding offer from Evans via email. They'll be releasing the rest over the next few days. At some point (not sure of the date, but guessing by the end of next week -- April 8 or so) they will email all admits and notify that all funding offers have been dispersed. If you get that email and haven't heard that you got funding, then it's probably safe to assume you won't get any in the first round of funding. Like I'm sure all schools do, they'll overshoot with their offers and not expect all to cash in. If after April 15 there is still cash to offer based on who accepts, there could be more forthcoming, but people probably shouldn't bank on this.
  7. Off topic kinda: George Mason had a thrilling victory over Villanova today!
  8. Congrats on your funding! I'm fairly certain that they mean $20k total; $10k per year.
  9. I haven't received a letter yet, although I did call them a couple days ago to see what was up. They said I was in, but that they'd delayed sending my letter because they were looking into this certain fellowship and trying to determine award amounts. I did, however, get an email yesterday (3/17, 11:33am PDT) with a welcome day invitation that appeared to have been sent to a large bcc'd list. Perhaps other admits could confirm whether they received the same thing, or if they're mailing it out on a case-by-case basis.
  10. Wow, impressive, congrats! I just got my email too. They're offering me "a fellowship covering the difference between the cost of tuition and fees from the out-of-state level (currently $18,335 per semester) to the in-state level (currently $10,074 per semester) for four semesters." Anybody familiar with Michigan tuition rates and UMich's relationship with the state? Are they facing double-digit tuition increases annually or did they already go through that enough? I'm in Washington state and the legislature is gutting higher ed, so fellowships that are pegged to public school tuition make me nervous.
  11. In!!! woooooo. wow. unexpected email in the middle of a meeting. having hard time paying attention now
  12. Haha... you and I are on the same page.
  13. Just got my admissions email as well! It said information about fellowships and financial aid will be forthcoming within the next week. Also, the spring preview weekend for admitted students will be April 8 and 9.
  14. Thanks for the info. It's the same day as Berkeley's! Seems the old Bears-Bruins rivalry is going strong...
  15. Accepted students: did they say when the big visit day would be? I'm trying to plan my travel schedule and would like to hit UCLA and USC at the same time if possible. Thanks!
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