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  1. I'm on the waitlist for funding. If anyone granted funding is waffling, I'll take it please!
  2. Kareneliz, Thanks for your kind enthusiasm! I queried the dept. with just that question about funding potential in later years, which will give me something to think over. I actually live about an hour or so away with my boyfriend who is in med school. I teach composition, and could potentially keep my job, which I suppose would function as something like a TA-ship. Hah. Anyway, congratulations on your acceptance as well!
  3. Well! It seems I'm accepted but was on the waitlist for funding, and those who were offered funding ahead of me took it. Bummed. This is the only program I applied to.
  4. Kareneliz, This is very helpful info! Thank you for taking the time to respond. Maybe I'll send an email, but I'm sure I'll just have to wait a bit longer. Thanks again!
  5. What's the word with Binghamton, y'all? There have been a couple yays and nays on the results board, but I haven't heard yet. I applied for a creative dissertation spot, so I don't know if that influences the timing.
  6. Has anyone heard of anyone being waitlisted this year?
  7. I was hoping Cornell would notify us by today and not let us stew over another weekend. They must have a lot to think about this year.
  8. Anyone else who applied to the phd get an offer for the MA? I just received an offer without funding. Does anyone have any info about alternate funding options at Albany?
  9. Well, I'm just waiting for official rejection from NYU. I suppose there's a chance they might offer me the unfunded masters, but that's not something that would work. I have an MFA instead of an MA, which I suppose could have hurt my apps. It's from an ivy and all, but a critical masters it ain't. I wonder if I will need to go back and apply for a straight MA next year. Sigh. Good luck on your app with Albany!
  10. Well, I'm out. I just checked the website and it was there. No email.
  11. OK, I emailed asking for status and info on when I could expect a decision, and the assistant replied in about 5 minutes: "Your application is complete and with the Department for review. As soon as the Department notifies our office of the decision, you will receive an email telling you to check your Apply Yourself account."
  12. Yeah that's what mine says too. If you look at the results board from previous years, it looks like they traditionally don't notify all at the same time.
  13. Agreed. I just looked on the grad admissions website, and it says they will not release decisions over phone or email...
  14. Do we check our status on applyyourself or someplace else?
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