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  1. Thanks everyone for their input. I have had discussions with many people including current PhDs and professors. PhD is about 5-7 year commitment. PhD is designed to prepare you for a career in academics. Yes PhD is funded and involves research but it also includes other boring aspects of research like writing papers, grants, orals, and defense. I wish to have a future in corporate world especially in sillicon valley. i think my research experience will help me get a better understanding of that environment. I have researched for just 18 months, it isnt long when compared to 6 years of PhD
  2. Thanks! I like research but but dont know if i have what it takes to do a PhD.
  3. Hey, I am a senior at a top 10 ranked university in Computer Science What are my chances into Stanford MSCS? I will be really blunt: My GPA: 3.34 (Major: 3.43) GRE: Q:800 + V:630 Research: Plenty! will be publishing 3 conference papers in next 5-6months, and an undergraduate thesis. I have also co-authored a provisional patent with a professor. Recommendation letters: 1) Research advisor, an associate professor. 2) A distinguished professor in 3) PhD student All this is OK. Not that great. However, here is the big deal. I met with a professor from Stanford in a conference, I talk
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