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  1. Hi all! Thanks for your feedback... so if it's been done... and it has... it should be listed under conferences/presentations? Even if it was not an academic presentation presented during an academic conference? Just want to confirm. Also, thanks TakeruK. This has been my experience as well, in the labs I've worked for in computer science/engineering/human factors/psychology/neuroscience. Perhaps it is different in the humanities.
  2. @Sigaba I think you've taken this too personally and my comments too seriously. This is an online forum. I don't think anything I've said is inappropriate. I simply tried to explain my reasons for disagreeing and spark a conversation about this. As someone in the sciences, I don't like doing things just because someone "respectfully recommends so" or because I'm and "undergraduate" (and because you're a graduate student(?)). I like "evidence-based practice". I hope you can agree to disagree and stop politely attacking me. Thanks in advance. Finally, sorry to hear about your bad experiences.
  3. Sorry for the double post but... "I respectfully recommend that you not use... the term... "network"... Really?! Isn't that what ResearchGate etc is all about? Isn't science supposed to be collaborative and based on a network of peer reviews etc? I just don't get this. Perhaps this word is taboo in the humanities, but not the sciences? Thoughts?
  4. Thanks all and sorry for the delayed response! I am afraid that I have confused everyone! I did already do this demo! However, it was not a scientific/academic conference. It was a part of the Brain Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre open to the public. So, the people who came by were everyone from scientists to toddlers with barely any command of English/French (the languages I demo'd in). For this reason, I am not sure if this is appropriate to list under conferences/presentations. I would appreciate any advice, again. @Sigaba thank you for your response. Perhaps this addition
  5. Thanks @C10H12N20! Any other opinions! Ps congrats on your acceptances @C10H12N20!
  6. Hi all! I'm not sure if this is a good place to post this, but I don't know of anywhere else I could get feedback about this so I thought I'd try here! I am an undergraduate psychology major who had been hoping to apply to graduate studies, but now for a variety of reasons I'm not. I hope in the future I will be able to. I am graduating and I have had RAships throughout my undergrad, and I am applying to new RAships now (hoping to start after I graduate). As such, my resume is formatted as an academic curriculum vitae. I was recently invited by my honours thesis supervisors to dem
  7. Hi all! Long time no post! I am currently working on an undergraduate honours thesis and recently spoke to my supervisor and he thinks that, unfortunately, we won't be able to submit the thesis to a journal as a paper : (. However, my supervisor and the grad student I'm working with suggested that we submit a poster. It's my first time submitting anything as a first author and I am looking through conferences that are in my area and that I might submit to... I was wondering whether some conferences are 'higher impact' or 'better' to submit to than others? My thesis is on Virtua
  8. PsychGirl1 or anyone else who reads this, as PsychGirl1 apparently will not be. I am sorry if I offended you in my response. I realize that that does not make for good discussions on forums like these. I do sincerely apologize. I simply felt that you were implying that I was more naive than you could possibly know, and so I did certainly get defensive. More importantly I felt that the conversation would be better off if directed back to the subject of my original post (job outlook in clinical psychology in hospital settings). My intention was to (firmly) direct the topic back to that
  9. jeneste thank you for your response. I would be interested in assessment, but can you be more clear about "the certain types of assessments" that people chose to have done privately? Again I'm kind of iffy on the notion of private practice but this is all good to know. Also, I think you are right that I need to consider how flexible I am geographically and if there might be more jobs in rural areas (which I could theoretically even commute to). Thank you again!
  10. To anyone who might be interested I posted this on SDN and received lots of helpful responses... http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/job-outlook-in-clinical-psychology-not-private-practice-questionable.1043273/ Moreover, a poster there directed me to some threads on the same topic with literally pages and pages of helpful responses from clinicians, researchers, post docs, graduate students etc. Very helpful for anyone who is interested. http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/accurate-sources-of-information-about-the-future-of-the-field.1040264/page-2 http://forums.studentdoct
  11. @PsychGirl1... Firstly, please specify where you are having trouble following my replies and I will clarify and avoid a similar lack of clarity when replying in future. Secondly, I can't help but feel that I need to 'defend' myself here. I think that I have a pretty good idea about what I want to do, and have taken the right steps to evaluate this (e.g. informational interviewing, research assistantships, clinical experiences etc... having said that I will continue to do so in future). I have not elaborated on it here... my posts have already been quite lengthy and I think that elabora
  12. PsychGirl1, as per my response above I am interested in doing research. Based on my research experiences so far I think I would be more interested in doing research in a clinical setting than an academic one, along with clinical practice. However I think that research positions, whether clinical or academic, are also rare, so I don't think I can really consider that as a backup. PsychGirl1, can you clarify what you mean by clinical practice within your specialty? By this do you mean that you would be working with a specific population (i.e. mood, schizophrenia, etc)? Can you also comment
  13. jenste thank you so much for your response! That is very helpful. The fact that the rare positions in clinical psychology at hospitals are contractual scares me. I think what I would want to do is work in a psychiatric hospital and do diagnosis, psychotherapy, and some research. As such, I think my back up plan would be research but I am told that these positions are also rare. I don't think I would like going into private practice for a couple of reasons. First, I imagine that the patients or clientele would be quite different. I would assume that it would be more costly to be a patient at
  14. I have a question/discussion topic that I have wanted to post here for a long time but have held off on posting it because I know that we are in the middle of application season and that everyone's time is probably completely dedicated to applications and everyones posts here are seeming to revolve around that... (I can't imagine how stressful it must be...) However I've decided to post it anyways. I was talking to a friend of my boyfriend who is just finishing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. The discussion I had with her quite frankly summed up to this.... in her words "clinical p
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