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  1. This is long-winded but I need to talk to someone or I think I'm going to burst into tears. So I've been married a little over three years. Just started my first year of grad school. We recently moved across the country to a new state for this purpose. I knew there would be tension. I was especially concerned about the idea of my husband making such a radical change for me but we're both young and newly graduated so we didn't have a home or long-time careers to be uprooted from. He said he was excited about the move and wanted to do this. I know this is a stressful time. I'm getting thr
  2. Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thank you for posting this! I got into one of these schools and I totally agree. I almost fell out of my chair I laughed so hard!
  3. Don't know if anyone is still active on this thread but I'm leaving for Columbus on Saturday. Anyone else in the process of making the move (or anyone who's completed it)? I'm so nervous. I've lived in Colorado ten years. I've never lived this far away from my family. I'm excited but terrified. OSU has been my top choice since way back at the beginning of the application process and I never thought I'd get here. So a few things... Anyone get to Columbus and make any surprising discoveries? Anyone stressed to the max about moving? Anyone else baffled by the quarter system? I still
  4. Just some thoughts on setting up an apartment right after moving: -Prioritize. What do you absolutely NEED in the first month or two? -Don't overlook thrift stores and consignment shops for basic furniture (even pots, pans, and dishes). It's cheaper to have a couch steam-cleaned professionally than buy a new one and you can get a great deal! -Things like cleaning supplies and other necessities are often available at a dollar store or a place like Big Lots (you can save a LOT on things like a trash can, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, and dish soap!) This is stuff I've been figuring
  5. I rented without seeing. 1 bedroom about four blocks from campus, well within my budget. I did see photos on the realty site online so that helped a little. But the best thing I did was to call realty agents in the area and ask lots of questions. I was surprised by how honest they were, especially when I explained that I was a graduate student. I actually had one leaser tell me I didn't want to rent her property because it was frat territory and there would be too many parties and too much noise for me to do any studying. Any university town is used to renting to college students and you can a
  6. Yeah, I was informally accepted the last week in January. Still waiting on my letter. I've check my application status online and it now says "referred." Any idea what that might mean?
  7. Yeah, I've been accepted but I haven't heard about assistantships, yet. Still waiting...I'm sick with the thought I might not be able to pay for it.
  8. I have been accepted to my top choice school but am waiting to hear about funding. I went to visit the campus at the beginning of the week and the faculty explained the following to me about assistantships. On the MA/PhD track of their department, they have 9 or 10 assistantships to offer (these positions require 20 hours a week, some teaching, some office work, etc.). Currently, all those assistantships are full. When someone graduates, a position opens up. Once all students have accepted or declined their admittance to the university, they will rank students. If they have two openings, th
  9. I guess it depends on the campus. I just had this conversation with my professor since I will be visiting my top choice school (no interview, either) on Monday. He said business casual. I'm planning on wearing dress jeans, white blouse and sweater vest, nice shoes. Maybe a blazer if it's cold that day. It's important to look professional but also to be relaxed and comfortable. Anyway, that's the advice I got.
  10. Anyone enrolling in Autumn Quarter?
  11. I'm with you on the waiting for money bit. Just found out I was accepted to top choice but I won't find out about my assistantship until the end of March!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr...
  12. I graduated a year ago. My husband doesn't graduate until this May so I took the year off before applying to grad programs. While I've been waiting, I've been working and I took an independent study course with one of my favorite professors. Just to keep myself going. Personally, I feel like if I wait too long to go back, I won't have the momentum or drive. And I want to get through my doctorate before we think about kids!
  13. I just had something really similar happen to me yesterday. I had been informed by the Graduate Studies Coordinator that when I visit the campus of my first choice on Monday, I will be sitting in on a certain professor's class. This professor happens to be the old advisor of my undergrad mentor. My mentor sent an email to this professor letting him know I would be attending his lecture. The professor, unsolicited, responded by saying that the committee admitted me a week ago but that I wouldn't receive my letter for two more weeks. So now I know that I'm accepted but I don't know if THEY know
  14. That sounds really great. Break a leg with admissions! I've applied to MA/PHD combined programs only. The MA programs I'm looking at are general but focus mainly on dramatic literature and theatre history. The PhDs are the same but some of them narrow to more specific areas of Performance Theory.
  15. I don't have any experience with the interview process yet. But one of my top schools mentioned on their graduate program's page that while in person interviews were preferred, they were willing to do phone interviews. I don't know if that's helpful at all but the fact that they called you to talk to you seems important.
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