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  1. Northwesten have a program focused on sociology of law, and i think also people at Cornell are doing this. good luck!
  2. I'm sorry but YOU are a disrespectful moron! i hope you take that loan and get stack in a government job (with less the 50k yearly income) and pay ALL your money for your precious Harvard! good luck!
  3. thanks! i will. i'm going to state of New York, so if anyone knows specifically about NY it will be a great help!
  4. does anyone know if an international driving license is valid in the U.S? someone told me i will have to take a driving test although i already have a license in my country... Thanks!
  5. if money is an important factor for you than if the cost of living are not 10,000/year more expensive in school B than you should go there. first, i think grad students should not pay for their tuition (the university is going to benefit from you being there, and it is their purpose to train talented future researchers). in addition, money can make a lot of difference for your academic success- to be always occupied by "how am i going to pay for rent/bills/etc." will guarantee damage your academic performance, creativity and productivity. that said, if it is doable for you to pay for tuition and living expenses beyond what school A offers (i.e. money is a huge factor) then go to the school you like best ( which sounds like A)
  6. congrats! for me f-1 was out of the question, because i want my husband to be able to work (he will go crazy sitting at home all day). although we are planning on coming back anyway after i graduate, i know that it is possible to get a waiver on the 2-year home residency restriction. few things about f-1 and MS programs- they are very very expensive and usually without funding... with F-1 visa you can't work outside the university, so you should take that under consideration.... for us it is just not possible to fund an MS program for my husband and also not to work, so J-1 visa was better. also, with F-2 visa, it is not possible to study, so your wife will have to get admitted otherwise she will not be able to do anything while you study. good luck!
  7. actually, i don't think it will lower your chances, at least not from my experience. i got admitted this year to 2 top-ten programs and i'm getting married in July this year. i'v stated that in my apps, so i don't think it lowered my chances of admission. about work. i'm also bringing my husband with me to the states. i requested a J-1 visa instead of the regular F-1, which will allow my husband to work as a pursue my graduate studies. hope that helps and good luck
  8. i say go visit if you have the chance to. it can change a lot in one/two years from now when you apply. HOWEVER, don't come unprepared! choose about 3 universities that are not too far and do some research on them - search for faculty, courses, research centers, etc. in sum, come prepared! it is great to build up a relationship with faculty before you are actually applying, since they will be more willing (in case they liked you)to advocate for you in the admission committee.
  9. i'm also leaning heavily towards Cornell. i checked the Uni Housing and it seems quite expensive in comparison to Ithaca non uni housing (one BR apartment around 800-900$ !) my problem is that i'll be mouving to the states only in mid-August so i'm afraid to get there and start looking for a place to live in. i also don't want to share an apartment because my husband will be joining me in March and will probably come to visit me a few times before that... suggestions any one? any cheaper way to get housing?
  10. i'm in the same situation... a J-1 visa will allow your SO to work in the U.S, but it is harder to get it. one of my universities (privet U) is willing to issue a DS-2019 for me because i have full support for 5 years. when i visited another university (state U) i met a student who couldn't get a J-1 visa and had to come with his wife on an F-1 and F-2 visa... i think its easier with privet universities so it is better to just ask them, but there is definitely a good chance to get a J-1 (which will allow your SO to work) good luck!
  11. i'm going next week to visit the two schools i was admitted to (help!). i was wondering if anyone have suggestions on what to ask prospective advisors and other faculty members, and how to find out if they are interested in my work? anyone? anything? thanks!
  12. i hope not... i'm just trying not to go bankrupt during grad school :-) the state U fellowship is for 9-month stipend, and since i'm an international student i can't work outside the U. i was thinking more in the direction of summer grants or something.
  13. o.k, I have offers from 2 top programs- one state and one privet. In the state uni I was offered a very prestigious 5-years fellowship of around 19k; in the privet one I was offered 5 years of 26k (at least). The problem is that I don
  14. thanks for your answer. i got the same offer, but the letter said it's for 9 month stipend. since i'm an international student i can't work out side campus and i'm not sure it will be enough for the whole year... my questions is (1) are there any additional funding available from the department to provide for the summer? and (2) they mentioned that 2 years of additional support will be provided though work in the department, so i was wondering about the average salary for graduate work at UW-Madison
  15. to the one just posted about the fellowship : any idea if it is possible to get additional funding for the summer (departmental grats, work, etc.)? and do you have any idea how much is the salary for work there? thanks, and congrats!
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