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  1. Yesterday I was replied that Zerubavel was at conference and will post the results next week.
  2. Or maybe I am rejected.....
  3. Finally, finally, the decision status on the application website showed that the decision is available. But I only got the message as followed: "The Department of Health, Behavior and Society has reviewed your application and will contact you by mail to inform you of our decision. Please contact Barbara Diehl in the HBS Academic Office" I noticed that in the result list, people who received the same message considered they are accepted, but I still cannot believe it since there is no word mention about the admission. So is there anyone can tell me what does it mean?
  4. But what if I havn't an interview at last? so sad..... Am I choose the wrong major if I want to study the relationship between social factors and population health ? Why all the sociology depts reject me!!!! why!!!!
  5. no, admits in Public health school~
  6. If I haven't recieved an interview call, does that mean I'm rejected? so sad to see others had interview but I had nothing....
  7. msright


    there is an acceptance from University of Maryland in the results list. anyone else has received any news? does that mean they have make decision? but why I still receive nothing? so sad.......
  8. the phd program..... I am on the waiting list now...... so so so so sad without any hope, because they said they only admit 2 people..... who is the lucky buddy? If you have better chioce, please please pleas tell them ASAP........ thanks thanks thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  9. would they arrange an interview? would they accept international students? I cannot find the F&Q part on their website. I haven't recieved any news from them either..... so.....anybody have heared some news? good or bad, i just want some news.....
  10. just wait? communicate with prof.? communicate with the secretary?
  11. me 2! in my opinion, most committee seldom read the ws, how can they read hundreds of papers? maybe they will read the ws when they have difficulties to make a chioce among several applicants based on the other materials.
  12. Upenn, PSU, DUKE, UNC, AND BERKELEY~ Does anybody know?
  13. Good idea! And I just checked it out that IUB conduct interviews. I didn't apply the soc program of Harvard, but the health policy program. Since there is still no news by now, I think I have been rejected probably.
  14. For the soc program, do the most universities accept people without interview or not? If one has no interview in this period, does that mean he is rejected?
  15. I have already mail my Certification of Finances to them with my transcripts in one package. Since they told me they have receive my transcripts, it's impossible for them not receive my Certification of Finances. You are right, I will call them tomorrow. Thank you
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