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  1. m15a

    New York, NY

    yes. near journal square.
  2. m15a

    New York, NY

    that's not a bad question. it can actually vary a lot by what part of manhattan/brooklyn you are in and your eating habits. there are some cheap grocery places in manhattan, as well as expensive. i'd assume that brooklyn is a little cheaper for the most part (like jersey city), but i'm not sure. as for eating out, manhattan benefits from having such a large variety. there are lots of places outside of manhattan where you'll have a tough time finding somewhere cheap to eat that isn't fast food, while manhattan has some places with great deals. from my experience, i might say that it's easier to get good cheap restaurant food in manhattan than almost anywhere else i've been in the u. s. and remember that there are more expensive parts of brooklyn, too.
  3. m15a

    UC-Santa Barbara?

    cool. start thinking about where you want to live yet? i think there's another CS person going to ucsb on this board, too.
  4. m15a

    New York, NY

    as for getting home at night, a lot of people just take the subway at all times of the night. whether that will be plausible (or intelligent) for your situation depends on where your apartment is and who you are. how *you* feel about walking around there at night is the most important factor, because if you don't feel safe you won't be happy. of course, you don't want to feel overly safe and get mugged (or worse). anyway, no matter what you're making, you shouldn't have to compromise your safety. having to take a taxi isn't necessarily going to make you poor, but you have to balance the taxi costs with apartment costs. as for good places to live for an nyu student, i think you have the right idea about looking in brooklyn. you might be surprised with the quality of the apartments if you really look, though. almost all bedrooms have windows, although i've stayed in one without . . but that was a special situation. ($300/mo. in greenwich village.) i'd also look in alphabet city (that's on the east side of manhattan). i know a lot of people who lived in that area and paid about $600 for sharing a 1 bedroom. (that is, each person gets their own room.) if you really want, you can get places that price in the east village, too. i'd suggest jersey city, but not if you like to go out a lot. but i think it'd be worth your while to at least look a little in manhattan, at least as a point of reference. (so you know what you'll be losing and gaining by living in brooklyn.)
  5. i'd say that, since you're in a good school, talk to professors you know there and see if they have any ideas for research you can do. also, tutoring or maybe teaching, is an option. you might want to see if there's any official position you can get with the school.
  6. m15a

    New York, NY

    i've been a student living in the nyc area for years. and unemployed, too, for several months. it's not impossible to live in new york. you just have to be willing to make compromises (not be set on living within walking distance of campus or living entirely alone) and put in the effort. actually, in some ways it might be easier to live in the nyc area than other places because transportation is good and everyone lives in apartments.
  7. m15a

    UC-Santa Barbara?

    i'll be going to UCSB. it's all but official. i'll be in the Media Arts and Technology Program. you?
  8. hey, moneke. that's funny. i just flew back from santa barbara last night. i saw the allosphere, too. it was pretty impressive. all that for us interdisciplinary art/technology types. it's crazy! i'm 95% sure i'll be going to ucsb, too. the MAT program is just too cool to pass up. we'll probably meet each other in person. (btw, my name is salman. maybe you'll remember.) about igert, they're probably not still taking applications. and also, i think this is the last year for igert funding unless they get another grant. (and it's very competitive now.) so, money will be a tough thing for me. but i'll survive.
  9. damnit. i was reading about the igert fellowship when i was applying, but i didn't figure out how to apply and it kind of slipped my mind i guess. that would have make my life so much easier now . . congratulations, though. i think it's too late since you had to indicate you were interested when you applied, right? have you decided to go to ucsb? i'm still waiting on a couple EE programs (which will hopefully give me good funding). if those turn out well, i might have a tough time justifying the funding difference. what are you interested in working on specifically?
  10. hey, all. i was just wondering if anyone was applying to (or attending) interdisciplinary programs that dealt with arts or media and science or technology. i applied to: - UC Santa Barbara, Media Arts and Technology PhD program (Multimedia Engineering): accepted, but still waiting on funding, although i know it won't be much . . . - Mcgill, Music Technology PhD program: accepted, but no funding except possible ta-ships (~$2500 canadian per semester) - Arizona State: Electrical Engineering PhD program with Arts, Media, and Engineering concentration: waiting i would definitely appreciate if anyone had an opinion on any of these types of programs, or if any similar programs. i would be glad just to meet other people with the same sort of interdisciplinary interests, actually.
  11. got rejected from columbia phd. official rejection email came today, found out unofficially last friday or so, when i asked the professor i was hoping to work with. (possibly he made it official after i asked?) also, if it matters, i was rejected because the professor i wanted to work with decided not to take any new students. (i was aware he was unsure about getting funding, so it's not such a shock.)
  12. m15a

    New Brunswick, NJ

    i don't go to rutgers, but my gf does and lived on busch campus. the non-family housing is totally fine. pretty big for 4 people - lots of closet space and a big living room. and she says that people who live in family housing all like it and it's a really good deal. busch campus is fine, too. only big negative is if you go to classes on other campus or if you take the train a lot, it's a little bit of a trip. the bus is pretty good, but can get a little busy, and sometimes there's traffic between the seperate campuses. there are more places to eat and stuff around the college avenue campus, of course. (there's a really cheap indian food place in the student center, though.) for off-campus housing, check out rutger's off-campus housing website. some parts of new bruswick could be not so nice, but very convenient depending on where your classes are.
  13. m15a

    Tempe, AZ

    werthless, can you explain what specifically about ASU sucks? also can you describe what tempe is like? honestly, i have no clue. like is it more suburban or urban? is it overrun by students? are there cool places to hang out, good food to eat? what's the apartment situation like and do you have to worry about crime or anything like that? also, do most people drive and do you need a car? the asu website suggests that you don't really since the bus system is pretty extensive (and you get a free bus pass) and a lot of people bike? thanks!
  14. just a quick update. i emailed a professor from northwestern and he got back to me, saying they weren't quite done making the decisions, although he thought they would a month ago, and he wants to interview me (and a few others) for a specific spot in his lab. so i guess you can't always assume that no news is bad news. oh, also he said they were cutting down from about 600 applicants to 30. eek!
  15. thanks. i interviewed with a professor from northwestern over the phone. that was i think a month ago. he said that he/they'd probably decide in the next week or so, but i haven't heard back from him or anyone else at northwestern since then. i kind of take that as a bad sign . . . although i suppose that i could be unofficially wait listed, too.
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