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  1. Many of my friends and I myself are still on the waitlist. Could someone who already got lots of ADs just withdraw at least one or two of them??? I know they are very strong in their background, but I really want their thoughtfulness to help us fulfill our dreams. If you are sure that you are not going somewhere, please withdraw them as soon as possible... That is our hope for a lifetime... The waiting is killing me. I want to know whether I will be crazy first or my AD will come first. I almost want to die.....
  2. well i am international student applying for ChE PhD in Purdue. One of my friends said she got the ad email today, but I haven't heard anything from Purdue yet. I know there is only one secretary dealing with the application stuff there. Would it be the no-news reason? The friend is nice, but not so great in her application. I think mine is as good as hers or even better. Would it be possible for both of us getting the ad? I even contacted the professor in Purdue who is really prestigious, and I know she didn't. I just want to know why.... (sigh) It makes me nervous.
  3. Oh, thank you The reason I asked your nationality is the fact that I am an international student. Just wonder if they released the results of domestic students faster. Good luck to your application to other schools
  4. to upsatirs: are you domestic student (of U.S.)? I also apply for Cornell, but they didn't say anything to me. btw, the reviewing of ChE is XXXXXXX slow!!!
  5. There are usually early results for U.S. domestic students. (*sigh) I am an international applicant, waiting for the ChemEng PhD admissions. Well, they said that no news is good news...these days :|
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