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  1. I agree with this completely. I wish I would have looked at MA programs as a stepping stone instead of going all in.
  2. I just want to put in a plug for emailing potential advisors during the application process. A couple of people have advised against it, noting - quite rightly - that it's entirely possible to get into top programs without contacting a single professors. But my view (and the view of my undergrad advisors) was that it can't hurt to put yourself out there. Honestly, I don't know why you wouldn't email potential advisors. In my opinion, it was a great barometer. If they send you back a genuine response - excellent. You might be fortunate enough to start up a real dialogue with them - thus, sticki
  3. I'm just waiting on UW's MA program. Anyone know when we should get some news out of Seattle?
  4. I obviously made that comment in jest, man. Take it easy. Seriously though - wear whatever makes you comfortable. This whole thread is kind of trivial in my opinion. You clearly want to make a good impression, but if whatever department won't accept you for who you are (and what you dress like) then you probably don't want to be stuck there in the long run anyway.
  5. Maybe he's visiting Cornell, so he wanted to match his font color with the school? Just a thought...
  6. I have a tab for Financial Aid too. I don't remember if it was there previously or not. I wouldn't put too much stock in anything you see on the portal though. I've always had the feeling that Agora is a bit shoddy compared to other school's systems.
  7. Back in January, I flipped out because I thought my transcript wasn't in when I saw that my "Final Bachelor's Transcript" thing. But I was told it was just a "system glitch" and that my official transcript had made it. I'm still waiting on BC. Three people have posted results so far (2 rejections, 1 admit) but I still haven't heard anything. The website does say this: "The committee generally examines Ph.D. applications during the month of February and M.A. applications during the month of March...We try to make offers of admission to the Ph.D. program by early March... For the M.A. program, w
  8. I considered emailing the UW grad secretary to see what their time table looks like, but I don't want to be that annoying person.
  9. I'm curious about UT Austin as well. Anyone know what's going on there?
  10. Has anyone heard anything from Washington or Boston College?
  11. Liminalist, That's great to hear. I would pretty much give my right arm to be accepted there. I don't have an MA though. Where else have you applied? We've probably hit some of the same schools.
  12. I'm still waiting. My field is Modern Britain, post-1945. I was just curious if the offers they've made so far have all come from the same field or fields.
  13. For those of you who've been accepted to Berkeley, what is your field?
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