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  1. This is exactly the information I was looking for when I logged on this morning. Fingers crossed I get an email about aid today!!! Had you already accepted admission before they offered you aid?
  2. I very likely am. I haven't heard about a deadline to decide with them though. Have you?
  3. Just heard from Illinois today- accepted! How does anyone ever choose?!
  4. So you haven't heard for Mizzou either? Did they tell you they wouldn't decide until April? I was planning to call and ask on Monday...
  5. I heard from University of Maryland yesterday. My application is being recommended by the iSchool to the Graduate School for acceptance... So thats good, no?
  6. I just got accepted to Indiana University! I won't find out about financial aid until April, so should i visit the university before or after the financial aid announcements are made?
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back from everywhere, but I know Indiana has started sending out acceptances already... Also, Illinois told me they were waiting until mid-March to send out acceptances. No word from Maryland or Missouri.
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