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    Should I enroll in classes even if I'm denied admission?

    The school allows non-degree students to take courses depending upon space. However, they are clear to warn that completing courses successfully might not play into any future admissions decision,and that credits earned are not guaranteed to all transfer into the program if admitted at a future date, and yes, there is a 15 credit hour limit that can be applied towards the PhD. It's seems to be a proceed at your own risk sort of academic tourism. Understanding these caveats, I'm just wondering how major a faux pas it is to go about seeking admission in this way, to in essence, reject the rejection letter.
  2. My situation is different from almost everyone here, because I am fully funded, though not admitted into a program. I work as a political scientist, but only have an MA. My employer has offered to fully fund my PhD in Political Science at any school that I attend part-time, and full-time later, with my class and research time on the clock. I recognize that I

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