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  1. Hey guys, I'm applying to grad school for chemistry, but have a few concerns. i graduated with an OK overall GPA (3.46), but a pretty low major GPA (3.12 in Chemistry). Also, during the fall of senior year, I was busy with job apps and a senior independent research project (in chemistry) that i neglected my other classes. My GPA for that semester was 2.75 (much lower than usual!). I know most grad schools ask that you explain any low semester grades. How low is "low"?? is 2.75 low? Do you think I should tell them what happened (job hunt, traveling for interviews and focusing on senior independent research project)?? I'm also thinking about applying to UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA, Dartmouth, and top canadian universities (U of T, McGill, U of Alberta etc). I'm interested in asymmetric catalysis and green chemistry. What are my chances? I have ~a year of research experience under my belt. Thanks y'all!
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