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  1. it was actually my financial situation that limited how many schools i could afford to apply to. now, after two rejections, i'm praying that my first choice (and last ap) will save me from me from what i've found to be a very unfriendly job market.
  2. rlm8746

    UNC- Chapel Hill

    thanks for the help on the dates online, but it turns out my rejection letter got here before i could check. mystery solved!
  3. rlm8746

    UNC- Chapel Hill

    i'm not seeing anything happening on my application... or even where it would be updated???
  4. rlm8746

    Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC

    hi everybody! i guess this post will be most helpful to the ncsu crowd. i just got back from a weeklong raleigh blitz signing my apartment lease and what not. my impression of the area was this: campus area- good restaurants, some cool stores but wouldn't want to live there. plenty of stores within walking distance to campus. campus is pretty large. cary- caters to yuppies with all the typical chain stores/restaurants. apartments are pricier than ones closer to state and include amenities like putting greens and business centers (which i wasn't keen on paying for). apex/holly springs/fuquay varina/morrisville- these areas are a blend of wisteria lane-esque housing plans, apartment complexes, strip malls, and neighborhoods that look like they've been there forever. i ultimately decided to move to apex because i got a nice 1 bedroom apartment that felt safe and was convenient to shopping etc. the drive to state is about 20 minutes from any of these areas, but i felt like it was a worthwhile trade off. more safety and nicer housing for a bit of a commute. i made a list of potential apartments using www.aguide.com before i made my trek, which i found to be very helpful. i also made use of craig's list while i was down there to get a pretty awesome couch for $48 (the benefit of living near rich people who have nothing better to do that redecorate their homes twice a year). couple things to keep in mind- i'm from pennsylvania and normally some utilities are included in the rent here. i did not find that to be the case normally around state. you'll be lucky to get trash included if you go with a managed property. pet deposits and pet rents also caused some sticker shock. there is apparently a property tax for bringing an out of state vehicle in state as well. good luck!
  5. rlm8746

    I want to get a PhD so badly...

    ... i'm willing to make a ten hour car ride (there and back) with two non-spayed howling yowling cats in an extroidinarily small honda civic to get some face time with my prospective advisor.
  6. rlm8746

    What is a Rhetoric PhD?

    was that a rhetorical question?
  7. Has anyone heard anything about when admit decisions will be made?
  8. rlm8746

    English programs news?

    Thanks for the direction!
  9. rlm8746

    English programs news?

    I'm new to this site, but getting pretty used to the sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that grows with each passing day. I've tried to resist the urge to call my programs. I've tried not to look dejected each time I leave the mailbox. Now I'm trying to get the scoop from you: has anybody heard anything from the English programs at NC State, UNC Chapel Hill or UT Austin? Also, what's the deal with these interview weekend invites that I keep reading about here? I wasn't aware that there was an interview portion to the application process. Are those program specific? I'd really appreciate any info you guys might have!

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